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Bobble hat's - knit hats with a twist

Cosy bobble hats from Stetson USA are an absolute highlight for both the younger and the older generation. They provide warmth and comfort on cold winter days for people’s heads all over the world. The bobble hat as we know it has always been a popular choice and has always had the attention of the fashion-forward. The name hints at the characteristic bobbles crowning these timeless hats from Stetson, which come in the shape of a sometimes magnificent, sometimes understated pompom.

Stetson only uses high-quality, long-lasting materials in the making of winter headwear, which primarily shields against frosty winds and the cold, but also combines chic colours and patterns that are suited for every season. The cosy wool mixes are available in plenty of colours, perfect for anyone wishing to stand out in the crowd with their clothes and accessories. A wide lining of fluffy fleece is integrated into these trendy knitted hats, so the ears and forehead are always well protected. Flamboyant and fashionable bobble hats from Stetson USA are a common sight at ski slopes all over the world. The colourful, striking hats come in eye-popping patterns and bright shades and are a welcome sight on the piste and at the following après-ski party, too. A bobble hat by Stetson gives you the chance to escape a dreary winter day and add a dash of colour during chilly weather.

Bobble hats are often made from wool, cotton or high-quality, sturdy synthetic fibres and are finished off with a classic bobble. The bobble part of the hat is reminiscent of the distinctive style of a poodle’s fur. High-quality bobble hats by Stetson serve a specific purpose and are more than just an accessory. The bobble that sits on top of the cosy hat can be grasped to pull the hat off without needing to take off your gloves or mittens. Other knitted hats made for winter can only be taken off by gripping it from the inside of the hat. This is one of the reasons why the bobble hat was a big part of sea travel. Apart from keeping the head, nape and ears warm when at sea, it could also be taken off quickly. The typical woollen blue bobble hat is part of the basic equipment in German naval colleges.

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