Back in 1865, the house of Stetson was only known among cowboys and rancher in America. Today hat enthusiast and cap lovers from all over the world agree - Stetson is the number one choice when it comes to premium headwear that unifies a timeless design and durability. If the wide range of diverse Stetson caps and hats makes it hard for you to choose the perfect piece of headwear, you should get inspired by the headwear favourites of other Stetson customers. Even if all products that bear the name of Stetson captivate a timeless design, superior material choice and outstanding workmanship, some styles are more popular than others. One of these bestsellers is the Manatee flat cap, which took the heart of cap enthusiast by storm. A masculine, sporty and authentic look makes Stetson’s Manatee flat cap an indispensable accessory for style conscious men. The streamlined design, six longish panels and the short peak of the modern Manatee flat cap add a sporty touch to your wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with a variety of different outfits.

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On cold winter days, insulating materials transform the Manatee flat cap in a sporty and warming companion. Cosy Woolrich® wool, durable leather and soft cashmere will keep you warm even if it is stone-cold outside. Subtle shades, classic chequers and a mottled tone make the winter caps from the house of Stetson cosy inside and out. When the temperatures start to rise, you should swap your warming winter cap for a light-weight Manatee. Soft and airy materials are an excellent choice on sunny summer days. Natural cotton is one of the most popular materials used for summer caps as it is soft to the skin and lets you keep a cool head even if it is very warm outside.

A modern, rustic look and a cooling wearing comfort is guaranteed if you go for a Manatee flat cap made from airy linen. Another excellent material that equips the caps from Stetson with temperature regulating, moisture-absorbing and cooling properties is light summer wool. Besides a cooling and soft wearing comfort, sun protection is an indispensable feature of premium summer caps. In this case, Stetson’s Manatee flat cap benefits from its short peak and the integrated UV filter that comes with most natural materials. With its light colours and classic patterns Stetson’s bestselling cap adds a summery look to all your outfits. This makes the Manatee cap from the house of Stetson an excellent choice in every season.

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However, not only the sporty design of the Manatee cap makes the heart of headwear enthusiast leap for joy but also the outstanding product quality. The house of Stetson only uses the finest of materials for their caps to make them pleasant to wear and extremely durable. These properties keep you wishing you could wear your favourite Manatee cap every day of the year? No problem at all! The house of Stetson offers their bestselling items in wide range of different materials to make them appropriate for various weather conditions.

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