Glove up in the cold season with premium accessories from Stetson. Primarily known for high-quality hats, Stetson is a brand that also offers first-class gloves to keep you warm on chilly winter days. Resilient materials like goatskin provide the gloves with durability and a ruggedly look that is much appreciated by both women and men. A glove is known as a garment that covers the whole hand and comes in various designs. Basically, there are three different kinds of gloves: Full-finger gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves. While full-finger gloves have an individual opening for each finger and the thumb, mittens have a separate sheath for the thumb and large opening for the remaining four fingers. Although both full-finger gloves and mittens are used to warm one’s hands, mittens give off even more heat.

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Though Stetson did not intend to answer this kind of purpose when designing their premium gloves, value was placed on comfort, an excellent look and high-quality materials. The finest of materials is used for the upper and the lining of all Stetson gloves. Stetson’s know-how in manufacturing premium-quality materials contributed to the versatile range of gloves that do not let your hands down when temperatures decrease. Genuine leather and Woolrich virgin wool provide full-finger gloves and mittens with warming properties. These materials are further impervious to water and breathable, which makes Stetson gloves most appropriate for winter walks and snowball fights. An insulating fleece, cotton or wool lining makes the gloves pleasant to wear and protects you from a chill breeze.

Stetson gloves are not only available in a wide range of different materials but also in a variety of colours and styles. Looking for a classic winter essential? Plain coloured, genuine leather gloves are easy to mix and match and go with various items of your winter wardrobe. In search of something that brightens dull autumn days? Cosy mittens in vivid colours are your number one choice this season. Prepare yourself for chilly weather conditions and pick your favourite pair of Stetson gloves from the wide-ranging collection of contemporary finger gloves and mittens at!

Both the reduced surface area and the fact that fingers store warmth better when together in one sheath makes mittens the number one choice in the cold season. The third variation are fingerless gloves, which provide individual openings but do not cover the whole finger. Fingerless gloves are highly convenient as they allow for activities that are impossible to accomplish with full-finger gloves such as using a smartphone. Nevertheless, this kind of gloves is unsuitable for very cold weather. Whatever model you prefer – Stetson offers a wide range of high-quality gloves in different styles. Gloves have been worn for centuries, their function and appearance, however, differentiates a lot from the warming winter gloves known today. Back then, the first gloves did not have separate openings for each finger and have therefore been warming but not very convenient. It was many decades later, when mittens and full-finger gloves have been developed. Today gloves are mainly used to keep sensitive fingers warms. This, however, has not always been the main purpose of using gloves. In the 13th century, women started wearing gloves made from delicate material such as linen or silk in order to maintain the beauty of their hands and to set a fashion statement. Furthermore, gloves have various symbolic meanings such as granting the permission to found a city or challenging someone to a duel.

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