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Once the temperatures start to rise, you can swap your warming gloves and cosy winter scarves for soft bandanas and airy summer scarves. The house of Stetson uses superior materials to make their accessories suitable for warm spring days and mild summer nights. Delicate silk provides the Stetson scarves with a smooth texture and a lightweight wearing comfort. If you opt for the classic Stetson look in summer, bandanas are the perfect choice. A natural cotton and silk mix provides a pleasant feeling on the skin and equips your bandana with breathable properties. The vibrant prints of the Stetson bandanas turn them into fashionable items that freshen up plain summer looks.

No matter if it is summer or winter - add the finishing touch to your outfit with premium accessories from Stetson!

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Warming wool scarves, soft suede gloves and cool bandanas can do wonders when completing or reinventing plain looks. Accessories from Stetson are indispensable wardrobe essentials that style-conscious women and men can rely upon. In their headwear range as well as in every other product category, the Stetson brand aims to provide fashionable pieces manufactured with attention for details and superior materials. Today Stetson is not only known for its quality hats but also for its range of versatile accessories. These little helpers add the finishing touch to every outfit and make a fashionable look even more personal. Every season asks for another type of accessory that is both style-adding and adapted to the weather conditions. On cold winter days, cosy scarves are fashion must-haves that protect you in any wind and weather. Natural cosy wool is an excellent choice on chilly winter days. A scarf made from delicate lambswool is most pleasant to wear as it feels incredibly soft and guards you from brisk temperatures. Smooth cashmere equips Stetson scarves with warming properties that will have you wishing you could wear them every day of the year. Gloves are another winter essentials that should not be neglected in the cold season. The house of Stetson provides a wide-ranging collection of superior finger gloves and mittens that keep your fingers warm and set a fashion statement. With various high-quality materials and timeless styles available, you can pick the perfect pair of gloves for your winter look. Precious suede leather is an excellent material for freezing winter days. The exceptional quality of Stetson’s leather gloves guarantees flexibility, soft wearing comfort and protection against harsh and cold wind. Stetson gloves provide an extra dose of comfort as they are lined with breathable cotton or soft silk. The subtle shades of the finger gloves and mittens make them match your winter wardrobe and add a touch of elegance to all your outfits.

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