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The caps made from airy materials are the perfect companion on sunny days because they are absolutely made for summer. The summery version of the Stetson army cap protects you from dangerous UV radiation thanks to the integrated UV filters, whilst also providing shade from sunlight. The sporty cap comes with breezy eyelets, which prevents sweaty hair and keeps your head cool.

Stetson can also provide you with a suitable army cap for the winter months. The wintery caps will offer a warm feel on frosty days thanks to cosy sheep’s wool. Some of Stetson’s army caps come with an ear and nape cover, which serves as an additional guard from the cold.

The urban cap’s ribbon of lining and adjustable metal buckle make for enjoyable wearing comfort.

You can wear your army cap as protection from sunlight or just to look great. Do we have your attention? Discover the great range of trendy caps and find a favourite at

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The military look, a look for modern heads – army caps by Stetson USA. Even hat trends have been taken over by the military look. The military look has influenced styles of jackets, sweaters and t-shirts and is now also inspiring headwear. Whilst they used to be associated with the army and Cuban dictators, army caps have now become must-have headwear. Army caps, just like many other hats and caps from Stetson, fulfil the need for comfortable and fitted sun protection. The army cap has gained popularity due to its functional and fashionable qualities. All styles of the army cap have one thing in common: their distinct shape. This type of peaked cap, which is also referred to as a military cap or a Castro cap, is characteristic for its slight cylindrical cut formed by the exposed peak. The special shape ensures that the cap sits snugly on your head whilst also remaining breathable. The army cap is not just popular with men. Women can wear the cool, sporty cap with jeans as well as sundresses. Balloon-shaped peaked caps are also a type of army cap. They are becoming more and more popular with trendsetting cap wearers. Peaked caps from Stetson enhance every outfit and make it unique with their uniform appearance – whether it is a feminine dress, a casual look or a simple style. The key components of a sporty fitted cap from Stetson are pure cotton and understated colours. Whether in a washed out or oily, used look, from sporty to elegant right through to durable, made of cotton, nylon, linen, sheep’s wool or leather – the army cap by Stetson has long become a trendy accessory for leisure and everyday life. Whether you are going to buy groceries, planning a bike tour in the countryside or going swimming – the army cap is a functional cap that will not let you down.

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