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Aviator caps – a good time even without an open roof

Is there anything more romantic than the thought of driving towards the sun along the French Riviera with the roof down? Whilst she wears a skilfully tied silk scarf with polka dots and retro sunglasses, he wears the popular aviator cap with a vintage look to shield his head from gusts of wind. Fashionable aviator caps are not just a thing of imagination. After years of being left behind, these pieces of nostalgia gain more and more popularity every year. At Stetson.eu, you can find an exquisite selection of desirable aviator caps in many variations.

Stetson, a renowned expert in terms of aviator caps, offers perfectly manufactured aviator caps in different qualities. Normally, these snug caps are made from leather, which makes them withstand any type of weather. Smooth nappa leather is frequently used for this – a soft, tanned leather that comes from calves or sheep. Another type of leather used is smooth suede. Stetson provide their aviator caps with a rustic, yet modern appearance, thanks to careful manufacturing and high-quality materials. Take home a piece of nostalgia and be prepared for your next road trip with your convertible wearing a classic aviator cap from Stetson. Treat yourself to an adventure with an aviator cap with a nostalgic touch and nothing will get in the way of your next adventure under the clear blue sky.

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Whether you are on your bike, a motorcycle, a quad bike or taking a walk – the current retro style is becoming more prevalent in fashion capitals and makes for a great look even with the roof down. You can complete the retro look with authentic aviator glasses and driving gloves made from nappa leather. High-quality caps with a used look from the brand Stetson leave outdoor fans speechless. Unlike any other brand, they skilfully combine functionality and design. The rustic aviator caps nestle themselves around your head and offer outstanding wearing comfort. However, when you are taking a lengthy drive with the wind blowing around your ears and taking in the beautiful picturesque views, intense sunlight shining on your head may be at the back of your mind. Stetson’s aviator cap can help you out by protecting your head from dangerous solar radiation during the whole drive. Apart from that, aviator caps prevent earache by stopping sensitive ears from cooling down during a drive. The integrated elastic band at the back of the hat ensures a perfect fit. You can use the adjustable chin strap to fasten the hat and stop it from being swept off your head. Lining made from cotton and a removable neck guard extend these fashionable hats wearing comfort, whilst the eyelets on the side allow for a breeze and stop your head from overheating. In summer, breathable materials provide a pleasant climate for your head, whilst in winter high-quality material mixes made from wool, fleece or even cosy fur line various tweed designs to provide warmth, so you can wear the aviator cap in frosty temperatures without any fuss.

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