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Baseball caps - play ball!

Baseball caps by Stetson are made from many high-quality materials. Cotton is one of the most common materials used when making baseball caps. It provides baseball caps with soft and flexible qualities and is easy to work with during manufacturing. The fabrics feel gentle on the skin, adjust to the climate and can even be washed by hand in some cases, which is often not the case for some baseball caps due to the characteristics of the peak. The peak is 2.5 to 3 inches long and is now often shaped like curved arch. The benefit of this is that the peak can also shield the sides of your face from sunlight. Younger people in particular prefer baseball caps without an arched peak and tend to prefer designs with a straight peak.

Whatever your preference, there is always a baseball cap suited to your tastes. Thanks to their large variety in terms of design, baseball caps by Stetson are the perfect companion for everyday life or sports.

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Baseball caps are known to nearly everyone. The baseball cap, which doubles as an accessory as well as headwear, has reached exceptional cult status. Regardless of age, gender, the occasion or the season: the world’s most famous peaked cap is a welcome sight everywhere. Since the beginning, the baseball cap has had widespread appeal and the ability to connect people who love fashionable headwear. A baseball cap by Stetson USA with a suit or shorts can make for a stylish combination, in summer as well as in winter, whether you are playing sports or going to work. Nearly everyone owns at least one of these easily recognisable caps. Like the name suggests, baseball caps have their origin in sport. From as early as the previous century, athletes wore baseball caps for a multitude of reasons: to keep their hair out of their face, to absorb sweat, but most importantly as a shield from direct sunlight. The wide, elongated peak provided pleasant shade in the right conditions. The earliest models had an elastic band, so the cap would fit any head, regardless of size or shape. Nowadays, the plastic adjuster and the hook-and-loop closure developed later down the line are much more common, with a gap left for ponytails. The so-called ‘fitted cap’ does not have an adjuster, which means you need to pick the right size before you buy your cap. The mesh cap, also known as the trucker cap, is a version of the baseball cap that is popular with the younger generation. They are partly made of a plastic mesh and are the breeziest version of the baseball cap.

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