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Beanies - comfy chic

Beanies by Stetson are stylishly unconventional and timeless. As a winter hat, it can be pulled over your ears and face. In summer, the elastic knitted hat can be worn pulled back. All beanies are one- size-fits-all, which means that everyone can enjoy wearing this casual style of headwear from the house of Stetson. The oversized hat fits over hairstyles when there is not enough time to tame your hair in the morning.

Soft merino wool and high-quality alpaca wool are just two of the exclusive materials used by Stetson to create timeless and stylish headwear. The need for high standards ensures that beanies provide warmth and comfort during many long days in winter. Beanies by Stetson master even the most extreme conditions in a laid-back manner.

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A beanie from Stetson USA is probably the most fashionable style of headwear today. The trendy accessory rounds off every outfit. Elegant, laid-back, smart or just convenient: beanies tick all the boxes. Beanies are normally very finely knitted hats made for summer or winter and fit smoothly over nearly every head thanks to their baggy shape. Beanies are loose at the back of the head and offer plenty of space for your hair. The name ‘beanie’ derives from the term ‘bean’ and roughly describes the shape of this hat. Beanie hats were worn by labourers to keep hair out of their face. Nowadays, beanies have plenty of other uses. Young people do not just wear these casual hats from Stetson to keep warm in the winter or to shield themselves from wind or rain, but also wear them with jeans and a blazer for a stylish look. The more lightweight versions can be combined with T-shirts and worn all day long, even in a formal setting like an office. Some beanies are more breathable and thus worn by the fashion-forward for sports and leisure. They can be pulled low into your face, which symbolises the easy-going manner these knitted hats by Stetson embody. The skateboarding and snowboarding scene adopted the fashionable hat as their trademark many years ago. Some designs even come with a small peak. Whilst this does not protect you from the sun as well as other peaked caps, it definitely makes for a stylish addition.

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