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Berets - romantic chic

No other accessory can be linked to the fashionable French as obviously as stylish berets from Stetson USA. The chic berets from Stetson are said to originally come from the Basque Country, but actually, they are more likely originated from the neighbouring region of Béarn. It is said that the name was influenced by Napoleon III, who referred to the hat as ‘béret basque’ – which translates to Basque hat – after seeing them on his many trips to the Basque Country.

Cashmere and cotton make for picturesque styles of this high-quality and modern headwear. The casual oversized look and the elastic quality help berets enhance every wardrobe. Thanks to a stretchy ribbon, you can feel the benefits of a snug fit. Being made for both genders, they are popular amongst women and stylish gentlemen and make for contemporary headwear. Red and black have been the most popular colours for berets since the beginning and are the best-selling versions of the hat. Even if the beret from the house of Stetson is not just made for French people, its wearer will always have an air of the French way of life about them.

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The basic shape of the beret is very flat and it typically has a stub in the centre of it, which is reminiscent of a lightning rod. The military caught wind of this elegant style of headwear and made it part of their uniform. The military beret, derived from the original beret, is typically worn tipped to the side. The military beret is an essential part of many uniforms and is also worn by the infamous French Foreign Legion. During the German occupation in World War II, the adorable beret was actually banned, as it was seen as a sign of resistance. As the beret has always remained faithful to the French people, it is often called the French hat. The typical beret by Stetson makes use of a wealth of materials. The most popular materials have to be the selective wool mixes, which make berets by Stetson crown the wearer’s head with outstanding wearing comfort. The leather ribbon on the inside keeps the hat in place and makes sure it stays put after gusts of wind. You should carefully choose the size your beret, as styles with a leather ribbon cannot be stretched.

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