Stetson has been renowned for its premium headwear for more than 150 years. Although all products from Stetson captivate with outstanding design, high-quality materials and workmanship, a selection of hats and caps is exceedingly popular among hat lovers and fans of the Stetson brand. The online shop offers a large choice of superior headwear and a variety of the most popular styles of all times.
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Not only the design is what makes the bestsellers of Stetson to be the most popular items among the assortment but also the use of excellent materials. The top selling hats and caps of the Stetson brand are mostly available in a wide choice of different fabrics with several unique properties. Superior material choice provides the basis for the versatile characteristics and functions of the Stetson bestsellers. The number one material choice for durable hats is resilient felt. Stetson’s felt hats and caps can be worn all year-round and adapt to all weather conditions. They protect you from the sun and will also not let you down during heavy rain or snow. Leather is another hard-wearing material that the house of Stetson uses to make its bestselling headwear extra durable and warming. Those, who do not want to relinquish headwear in summer and spring, go for top-selling hats or caps made from natural fibres. Cooling though natural linen equips the flat caps, hats and baseball caps of the Stetson brand with ideal characteristics for hot summer days. Another material that should not be neglected in the summer season is cotton. Breathable, pleasant to wear and resistant to moisture cotton caps are an excellent choice when it is getting warm outside. The integrated UV protection of most natural materials makes cloth heads from Stetson true bestseller for the sunny days of the year.

The wide range of premium headwear from the house of Stetson makes it sometimes hard to decide, which style to take. In this area of the Stetson online shop you can find the bestselling items of the brand and get inspired by the headwear favourites of other hat lovers. No matter if you choose a Plano, Kent or Hatteras – Order your favourite head wear online at!

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Stetson’s bestsellers are on both the more classic and the sporty side of the brands product range. The timeless design of the precious flat caps is never out of fashion, while the baseball caps add a sporty touch to every outfit. The name of Stetson has and will always be associated with high-quality headwear. This is not only due to the brands glorious past but also to its innovative character. Premium headwear, as offered by the house of Stetson, derives from sourcing excellent material, putting a lot of effort into the design and creating products with high-quality workmanship. Bandera, Hatteras and Brooklin are the names of Stetson’s bestselling flat caps that give your look a touch of timeless elegance. A straight-forward design with a small visor makes the Kent flat cap another very popular headwear style from the Stetson brand. The secret behind the success of the superior Plano baseball cap is probably its adaptability. Whether it is a sporty leisure outfit or the business-casual look – The bestselling Plano base cap from Stetson is a versatile wardrobe staple.

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