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Bowler hats – classy and elegant

The bowler hat is a solid, rounded hat that was typically worn during the late 19th century and the early 20th century. The bowler hat became a long-standing member of British tradition when it first appeared in London in 1860. It was made by hatters Thomas and William Bowler, which is where the bowler hat gets its name. In the USA, the bowler hat is known as a derby hat, whereas in Germany the hat made from stiff felt is known as ‘Melone’, which translates to ‘melon’.The traditional headpiece with the curved up brim is rarely found outside of the UK and is now predominantly worn by people involved in horse riding.

The roundly shaped classic is a staple in the English gentleman’s wardrobe and appeals to gentlemen with a taste for the extraordinary. The bowler hat by Stetson is the perfect companion when you’re out and about. There are packable bowler hats that can be rolled up and put into your luggage with ease.

Don’t hesitate and add some extravagance to your wardrobe with a bowler hat by Stetson.

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Whilst it was usually worn when out riding and to shield riders from low-hanging branches, the bowler hat is now mostly worn during dressage riding. A popular TV show from the sixties made the charming headpiece an icon and helped it grow in popularity. An original bowler hat is usually made from black felt. Nowadays you can also find the chic accessory, which is reminiscent of a top hat, in dark shades of brown and blue. High-quality rabbit hair lends this dashing hat a velvety, soft feel and makes for incredibly lightweight headwear.

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