Are you looking for a timeless, classic-style flat cap? We got an insider-tip for you. Well, it is actually not an insider-tip anymore because Stetson’s Brooklin cap is one of the brand’s bestselling items. Real Stetson fans and cap lovers think of the Brooklin flat cap as a wardrobe staple that can be worn all year long.
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Classic elegance, superior material quality and high comfort are what make Stetson’s headwear collection timeless in many ways. Over 150 years of experience yield outstanding caps like the Brooklin cap that will never be out of fashion and accompany you every day of the year. Discover the wide range of classic Brooklin caps online at and shop your headwear favourite from the house of Stetson.

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The classic 6-panel design of the Brooklin cap might remind cap enthusiasts of another bestseller from the house of Stetson, the Hatteras cap. Though Stetson’s bestselling caps are quite similar to each other, Stetson fans will know their favourite. The Brooklin cap provides slightly more volume on top of the head and is equipped with a short peak that shields you from sunlight, wind and rain. Smooth and thin fabric makes the newsboy cap absolutely pleasant to wear and makes you wish you could wear your Brooklin cap from the Stetson brand every day of the year. Well, you actually can! This is not only due to its simple though elegant design which makes it suitable for various occasions but also to the great choice of materials that equip the Brooklin cap with excellent wearing properties for diverse weather conditions. Only the finest of materials is used in order to make the popular Brooklin cap exceedingly durable, resilient and a life-long companion for cap enthusiasts and fans of the Stetson brand. During warm summer days, natural material such as soft cotton, delicate silk or cooling linen equip the newsboy cap from the house of Stetson with breathable, temperature regulating and moisture-absorbing properties. Light shades and stripes designs add a touch of maritime elegance and match with all your summer outfits. The integrated UV-protection and the short peak of the Brooklin cap guard you from too much sunlight which makes you enjoy the sunny days of the year even more. Once the temperatures start to fall and the leaves change their colour, it is also time for you to swap your light-weight summer cap for a cosy Brooklin cap. The house of Stetson uses superior suede leather, warming Woolrich® wool and super soft cashmere to make the Brooklin cap exceedingly cosy when it is freezing cold outside. Subtle shades, mottled tones and rustic patterns like classic chequers or hound’s-tooth design make the Brooklin cap also cosy in its visual appearance. Stetson’s popular newsboy cap is a true all-rounder which is clearly the secret of its popularity.

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