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Bucket hats for leisure

The convenient southwester is ideal for when you get caught in the rain in the summer. The southwester bucket hat often has a waxy, polished appearance and keeps the back of your neck dry thanks to its lengthened back. Now you are prepared for any weather. But the other waxy bucket hats by Stetson made for rainy days can also be worn during winds and any weather thanks to its waterproof properties and is broad brim.

Even if the weather keeps changing, it is rainy or it is sunny, the Stetson bucket hat always offers perfect protection during any weather.

The all-rounder is on trend in the wild as well as in the city. When touring the urban jungle, women and men always look well dressed with modern bucket hats by Stetson. You haven’t got a bucket hat yet? Then pick out your favourite now, here at Stetson.eu!

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For mountain climbers and globe trotters – bucket hats by Stetson USA. Whether you are planning a safari, the next backpacking trip to the southern countryside or just the next fishing trip – you should not forget to pack a bucket hat from the house of Stetson. It is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.Traditionally, the bucket hat was sported by fishermen – that is why it is also known as a fishing hat – and was also worn by farmers. This is especially due to its broad, circular brim, which protects the face and the eyes from wind and different types of weather. Even today, there is no match for the bucket hat in terms of its protection and outdoor features. The bucket hat is gaining popularity with outdoor enthusiasts particularly because of its 360 degree protection from rain, wind and sunlight. Stetson promises light, waterproof and durable headwear in top quality with its bucket hat collection. These modern bucket hats are made from hard-wearing materials such as cotton, linen, polyester and nylon and have a distinct laid-back shape. Manufactured from incredibly light material, with a ribbon stitched into the lining, the relaxed hat by Stetson USA securely rests on your head during any activity. The leisure hat by Stetson, with its ability to be crumpled up, can simply be rolled up and packed in a bag without losing its original shape. The summer designs are made for sunny days. Their noteworthy additional UV protection is useful even outside of southern countries. In any country, the sun’s radiation should not be underestimated. The handy bucket hat by Stetson provides additional shade in the summer. The high-quality eyelets allow for airing whilst keeping your head cool and stop you from getting sweaty hair. This is how the Stetson bucket hat protects your head and perfectly shields the wearer from heat. Whether you are climbing to the top of a mountain or relaxing by the seaside the bucket hat is the perfect companion for the sunny season.

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