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Caps - peak style!

But if you prefer an elegant hat for a more exquisite appearance, look no further than the flat cap – a dashing hat with a long tradition.  The flat cap originated in Northern England and were worn by many men in the early 1920s. Thanks to the return of ‘heritage’ fashion, the flat cap is now a stylish accessory that adds a hint of nostalgia to an elegant look. Stetson offers different types of the flat cap, from a subtle style that can worn on a golf course to the leather flat cap that is suitable for any weather. Stetson also provides flat caps in denim for a more laid-back look and cotton for warm summer days. In North America, the flat cap is associated with newspaper boys, which is why there is a style similar to the flat cap which is called the newsboy cap. It is rounder than the flat cap and was popular with many people in the early 20th century. The newsboy cap is great for winter outfits and layered outfits if you want to add some sophistication to your look. At, newsboy caps come in many styles, such as tweed for a classic appearance or in corduroy for a more relaxed look.

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At, we have a wide variety of caps from Stetson to fulfil all of your needs! Be it an army cap, a baseball cap, a flat cap or a newsboy cap, Stetson offers them in many different colours and patterns, so you have a lot you can choose from. And don't let the weather stop you from wearing your favourite cap! Even if it's pouring down or the sun is lighting up the sky, there is always the ideal headwear that's equipped for certain types of weather. The army cap is appealing to many as it often comes in subdued colours so you can wear it with almost any outfit. There is the more casual outdoor army cap by Stetson, which is suitable for day-to-day wear, the army cap in a distressed look and the Durham cap, which guaranteed to draw attention with its distinct design. For the more classic look, the familiar baseball cap is an excellent choice. Originally designed to shield baseball players´ eyes from sunlight, the baseball cap has remained a popular choice for many generations. The baseball cap is often associated with skater culture and can be worn in different ways, for example backwards. It can give any outfit a sporty touch and is ideal for summer, especially when you need protection from sunlight. Stetson has various takes on the baseball cap, including different fabrics and different patterns – such as a baseball cap made from oilskin, which is suitable for rainy days, simple baseball caps for casual looks, and chequered baseball caps for when you wish to stand out in the crowd.

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