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Caps in different materials from Stetson

Stetson recognises cotton as a highly versatile material, so they have designed a wide-ranging variety of cotton caps in many styles. From baseball caps to flat caps – a cotton cap from Stetson always has you looking your best! Cotton caps work for low as well as high temperatures, and are a functional, stylish accessory that work incredibly well for a smart, casual look. Stetson’s attention to detail is seen in the cotton caps charming decorations, from metal brand logos to leather ribbons. A classic cotton cap sets you apart from the crowd and is perfect for fashion-forward people who also want a versatile, functional cap.

Silk caps and cashmere caps make for exquisite pieces of headwear. These luxurious caps look outstanding in combination with a sophisticated outfit, and feel comfortable to wear thanks to being lined with cotton. Especially made for more mild climates, a cashmere cap combines style and functionality, so you will not miss out on either. A silk cap in subtle shades is made for experienced hat wearers who know how to complement their look with a chic cap. For a more rugged look, why not go for a leather cap? From pigskin to goatskin – Stetson uses high-quality leather to ensure their leather caps can be worn for a long time. A durable leather cap from Stetson is a wise choice and should be part of every wardrobe.

No matter what your style – at, there are numerous caps made for many occasions!

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There is an exceptional variety of caps here at Whether it is cashmere or cotton, Stetson’s caps come in a wide range of materials, so you are ready for almost every occasion. If you are the type of hat wearer that places a high importance on comfort, you may find your favourite cap in the selection of wool caps at Stetson’s wool caps come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs. So when the temperature starts to drop and you need a cap to keep your head warm, look no further! Stetson even has a selection of wool caps with built-in earflaps that can be pulled out when you want to protect your ears from the cold. The wool caps are lined with cotton so they rest comfortably on your head, and as cotton is incredibly breathable, you will not have to worry about your head getting uncomfortably warm. A Stetson wool cap will also have you looking smart because of the classic styles Stetson has designed. A flat cap made of wool is perfect for a classic look and can be worn with a simple, elegant outfit. You can choose between flat caps in subtle shades such as grey and black, or even dare to wear a flat cap with a bold, eye-catching pattern. Whatever you go for, a wool cap from Stetson makes for an outstanding fashion accessory that will always look trendy! If you need a cap for warm temperatures, take a look at Stetson’s linen caps! Linen caps make for the perfect companion during warm weather, as linen is a highly breathable, light fabric that allows cool air through to your head. A linen cap is perfect for a casual look and rounds off any outfit in style. Stetson’s linen caps even come in bright colours and bold patterns, so you will definitely find a cap that works great with your style. Of course, Stetson also has linen caps in more subtle shades such as beige and brown, which can round off a more understated, classic look.

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