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If you are looking for a classic piece, go for the newsboy cap or the flat cap. Stetson offers these caps in subtle, understated shades, but if you want a new twist on an old classic, you can also choose from many different colours and patterns. This gives flat caps and newsboy caps a more youthful appearance and it does not age your appearance. Combine a classic flat cap with a smart outfit and it will round off your look with elegance. Wear a colourful newsboy cap with a laid-back look and immediately have everyone looking your way. Let us not forget that Stetson has plenty of caps made from cosy wool, so you will not have to leave the house without a stylish accessory to keep your head warm.

Cool caps, cosy caps or colourful caps – when you choose a trendy cap from, you will be spoilt for choice!

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Come to and pick a cap from an outstanding range of designs. Stetson can offer you many different styles of caps, so there is bound to be one that suits your taste! Especially when you would like to wear a new cap, but are not sure which style you would like and would suit you, you should definitely browse the wonderful range of caps at Whoever said that finding the perfect cap had to be difficult ? Be fascinated by the beautiful cap styles from the house of Stetson. You do not need to be in the army to be able to wear an army cap. Stetson has designed army caps that can be worn for various occasions. If you prefer a subtle cap that does not pull the focus away from your actual outfit, choose one of Stetson’s army caps in shades of grey or black, just to name a few. As a statement piece, you can pick an army cap decorated with leather ribbons or logos. Why not even go for an army cap in a bold shade, such as purple or red? With Stetson, you are not just limited to traditional camouflage shades. You are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd with a colourful army cap from Stetson. Whether you are more daring or prefer to keep it cool – a Stetson army cap will have you looking fashionable wherever you go. A cap closely related to the army cap is the baseball cap. This sporty classic can be worn by everyone and makes for a laid-back accessory. Stetson’s baseball caps come in a huge range of colours, patterns and materials. Stetson even has some designs that come with built in UV protection, which means you are guarded from harmful solar radiation when exposed to direct sunlight. The baseball cap’s visor shields your eyes from bright sun light so you can do various activities without being hindered by the sun. Stetson’s baseball caps with curved visors are especially suited for this purpose, as the sides of your face will be protected as well. The eyelets that are part of many Stetson’s baseball caps ensure that your head stays cool on a warm day. The good thing about the baseball cap is that it can be combined with most outfits to give it a more casual appearance. Therefore, no matter whether you are spending the day lounging outside or getting fit in the gym – the baseball cap is versatile enough to cater to different needs.

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