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Cashmere caps – the royalty of headwear.

The name ‘cashmere’ derives from the region of Kashmir in India, where the fibres of the Cashmere goat were first used to make clothes. The magnificent cashmere wool is obtained by combing the Cashmere goat’s wool by hand to separate coarse hairs from the fine hairs. Through this method, you obtain pure cashmere, which is used in the making of Stetson’s cashmere caps. At, you can choose cashmere caps in different styles, such as baseball caps, newsboy caps and flat caps, so you will look and feel extravagant no matter what the occasion.

A cashmere cap by Stetson gives you an air of sophistication when it crowns your head. Stetson’s cashmere caps are popular with the younger as well as the older generation. They can be combined with various outfits for a timeless look thanks to Stetson’s understated designs. A newsboy cap made from cashmere will round off almost any outfit with style. A flat cap with a herringbone pattern adds a touch of elegance to a casual look. And why not combine Stetson’s cashmere caps with outfits inspired by the recent revival of British heritage fashion? You will look like a modern British gentleman taking a stroll through the countryside. Cashmere caps from Stetson are highly versatile thanks to their understated colours and patterns. The caps will fit in nicely with most looks whilst breathing traditional style into current looks. 

Regardless of the occasion – be it a walk through the countryside or a formal event – you cannot go wrong with a cashmere cap from Stetson. Timeless class meets lavish flair for a charming appearance. Treat yourself to first-class headwear and explore a selection of cashmere caps at!

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Cashmere caps embody elegance through their timeless style. Stetson can offer you caps made from cashmere mixed with wool or silk, which make the cap feel even cosier when you wear it. A cashmere cap from Stetson will not just lend your outfit class and extravagance. You will also feel the comfort of soft cashmere resting on your head. As some of cashmere caps from Stetson are lined with fleece, you can even wear your cashmere cap during chilly temperatures to keep your head nice and warm. Cashmere baseball caps from Stetson also have an integrated ear and nape cover on the inside of the cap, which you can pull out when you feel the chill of frosty winds. Stetson even has a selection of cashmere caps lined with satin printed with paisley patterns. Stetson’s attention to detail shows that they place value on the importance of a completed style, and most importantly illustrates that they know how to tie style and function together. You will not be missing out on elements like comfort when you choose a chic cashmere cap from Stetson.

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