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Cloth hats from Stetson USA

The foldable trilby made from pure cotton or elegant, laid-back linen is one of the most popular hats. The cloth trilby from Stetson has a simplistic shape and an ultra-light quality, which makes it the perfect holiday hat and a trendy summer accessory. Comfortable and incredibly light, it rests on your head with ease, and turns heads with its teardrop-shaped crown, a trendy checked pattern or a denim look. Stetson’s trendy pork pie hat with a slim brim is a laid-back choice for summer. It can also be rolled up or folded. Whether with a casually elegant leisure look or an outrageous party outfit – a slim brim cloth hat works with everything.

The water-resistant hats made with coated cotton make for resistant companions during outdoor activities, for example during bad weather or on stormy seas. If you do not want to leave your cloth hat at home during cold weather, you should go for the Stetson hat made from wool or sheep’s wool. The designs are kept simple and come in darker shades and subtle checked patterns. The high-quality wool mixes provide Stetson’s cloth hat with plenty of warmth for the transition period between seasons. That is why cloth hats can be worn through all seasons.

In winter or in summer, every one of these hats will turn heads. Fashionable, with flexible brims and hat shapes they adapt themselves to every head and always present themselves from their most comfortable and loveliest side.

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Summer hats, outdoor hats and trend hats – they all fall in the category of cloth hats. Depending on the cloth and the shape, they can withstand any weather or can simply be worn to round off an outfit. You are always protected from sunlight, rain, heat, wind and even mosquitos with a cloth hat from Stetson. Cosy cloth hats are easy-going, comfortable classics that can be combined with modern trends. New styles and current looks are made possible with cloth hats from the house of Stetson. Whether it is a classic traveller hat, a comfy bucket hat, a modern trilby, a practical outdoor hat or a laid-back pork pie hat – you will make a splash with a cloth hat from Stetson, whether you are in the Wild West or at a summer party. Stetson can offer you a cloth hat for every occasion, made from cotton, nylon, linen or waxed materials. Light materials like linen or cotton are very suitable for summer. Breathable cotton sensitive to skin, as well as being resistant to moisture provides the wearer with a pleasant wearing comfort. The cloth hats’ integrated UV protection, eyelets and wide brim, which provides shade, make it very suitable for the sunny season. Summery cloth hats from Stetson can be worn on holiday or as an alternative to the straw hat during leisure time. Even during sweat-inducing activities on sunny days, Stetson’s straw hats will put a smile on your face. Thanks to the summer hat’s hardwearing, foldable qualities, it can be put away in a backpack without a problem.

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