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Cotton caps – various styles for every occasion!

For a more casual look, Stetson USA has an excellent variety of cotton caps – checked patterns, bright colours and corduroy are just a few elements that make for magnificent styles. If you wish to make a statement, a cotton cap, in bold shades such as red, blue or yellow, worn with a laid-back outfit, like jeans and a T-shirt, ensures that all eyes will be on you – regardless of the occasion. These cotton caps are perfect for the younger generation and add an air of sophistication to youthful, laid-back outfits.

Whether you want to dress like a gentleman or prefer to make a splash – cotton caps from Stetson will fulfil all your needs. Visit and choose your cotton cap today!

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Price has many styles of the cotton cap available – from baseball caps, flat caps, peak caps and newsboy caps right up to knit caps. Whether you are enjoying some leisure time in the sun or taking a stroll through the frosty cold, you cannot go wrong with a cotton cap from Stetson. One famous wearer of cotton caps would have to be Sherlock Holmes, who exuded class wearing a cotton cap made from tweed coupled with a stylish wool coat. If you want to feel like the world-famous detective or just want to look smart, you can choose from a great range of flat caps and newsboy caps here at For a timeless look, you can combine these caps with a smart shirt and a wool coat and look like a gentleman. If you prefer the laid-back look, you can wear the caps with a T-shirt and a blazer. Once you put these caps on, you will be turning heads thanks to their classic charm and understated appearance. At, there is an outstanding selection of flat caps and newsboy caps, made from different types of materials in various colours. There are plenty of exquisite wool mixes in subdued colours, so the caps can be easily combined with almost any outfit. Stetson’s cotton caps are lined with soft cotton, which makes them an excellent choice for cool climates. Your head will feel cosy and you can leave the house without having to worry about any sudden weather changes. If you want extra warmth during cold weather, Stetson’s flat caps with ear flaps may be of interest to you. The ear flaps are lined with cotton and can be folded down during frosty weather to keep your ears warm and the cold out. There are also the cotton baseball caps, which are great for hot temperatures: They have eyelets integrated into the crown, which allows some ventilation on your head. The peak shields your face from direct sunlight so that you can enjoy a sunny day without any worries.

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