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Cowboy hats - yeehaw!

Lightly braided cowboy hats made from straw make for a welcome change in summer from the usual styles made from wool felt. The hats made from unbelievably light raffia fibres rest on your head delicately in a pleasant manner. This makes for the perfect accessory for a dusty adventure in the wild. Special details like traditional embroidery make straw hats by Stetson authentic, trendy creations and are made for people who enjoy making a splash. Women who are tired of the usual brown and black hues can rest assured, as Western hats in bright, summery colours are getting more and more popular.

Whether colourful or in natural tones, straw or leather – you can never go wrong with a hat from the house of Stetson!

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Cowboy hats – here come the wild adventures! Ever since 1865, the name John B. Stetson has been associated with the highest quality in cowboy hats and Western hats. When you wear a cowboy hat by Stetson, you are guaranteed to attract attention. The days where only Western heroes and cattle herders could appreciate the magnificence of a Western hat are long gone. Nowadays no one can resist the earthy charm of a true cowboy hat, with its classic cattleman shape, its dented crown and its curved-up brim. Western hats are made from many different materials nowadays, with straw, leather and cotton being the most popular ones. True connoisseurs, however, know to appreciate the sturdy and resistant VitaFelt quality and often select a Stetson cowboy hat from the popular VitaFelt collection. True adventurers are thrilled by the above average characteristics of these durable wool felt hats. The hard-wearing adventure hats can be rolled up and squashed into a bag, are waterproof, resistant to dirt as well as being able to adjust to any temperature and still maintain their original quality. The cowboy hat by Stetson USA did not become a true legend without reason, as it has been eternalised through the movie heroes of the Western genre. In its own special way, the Western hat from the house of Stetson has managed to embody the history and the spirit of America whilst the fan community of Western hats and cowboy hats just keeps on growing. Seeing as the typical shape of the cowboy hat has not changed much over the years, it takes attention to detail when choosing the right hat. The usually understated and natural colours of Western hats by Stetson are visually livened up through leather cords, feathers and pearl laces. Whether it is antique metallic appliqué or snake patterns – elaborately crafted leather bands accentuate the striking outdoor hat’s Western charm and create a feeling of adventure.

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