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Docker hats – not just the trademark of sailors.

The quay of Hamburg’s port is not the only place where the docker hat feels at home. First known as sailors’ headwear, the functional hat for fishers and dockworkers has evolved to become a fashionable accessory for the fashion-forward, modern man. Docker hats from Stetson are an outstanding highlight when combined with a laid-back outfit and can often be spotted on the streets of fashion capitals. The docker hat, which has always been associated with sailors, is also known as a skull cap. However, it is frequently referred to as a docker hat as it ismostly worn by dockworkers in ports.

Docker hats do not just offer perfect protection from rough conditions on high seas. The hat that was previously associated with dockworkers has become a trendy must-have accessory. The fashionable docker hat from Stetson is highly versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. You can combine this masculine headwear perfectly with a laid-back leisure look when you are in the countryside as well wear it with a tasteful outfit whilst you are in the city. The docker hat makes for a cool companion when worn with a camouflaged winter parka or a stylish wool coat. Whilst the elastic cuff made from pure cotton was made to keep the wearer’s ears warm, it is now especially trendy to wear the masculine headwear perched on top of your head and to not pull the hat lower even on cold days. If you are at a summer BBQ or walking through a forest during winter or autumn – smell the sea air and make a statement with an urban docker hat by Stetson. Emphasise your style with a Stetson docker hat and lend a hint of rustic masculinity to your outfit!

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Docker hats from Stetson can be worn in summer as well as winter as they are able to shield you from wind and various weather conditions, whilst offering you tremendous wearing comfort. Because of its precise cut, this iconic headwear stays on your head and does not slip off during strong gusts of wind. With the ponytail opening, you can adjust the docker hat’s size with a hook-and-loop closure fastener or a push button and you gain additional wearing comfort. In case of a fresh breeze, the double-layered, cuffed brim can be rolled down to protect your ears from the cold. When you pull the hat down further, you can protect your nape from the cold and wind. As Stetson also offer a few designs with an integrated UV filter, you can even wear the cuffed hat in the sunshine. Stetson have a great selection of various materials and always focus on first-class quality. Fine mesh knitwear will provide you with pleasant warmth and ensure that you are protected from the frosty cold. Popular styles with a laid-back denim design make for a fashionable alternative to knitwear.

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