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Fedoras – headwear with style and tradition

The fedora’s enduring popularity is due to the wide range of styles available. Even if shades of black, grey and brown are the most common, the fedora is conceivable in all sorts of materials and colours. Headwear with a similar shape as the felt version is also referred to as a fedora. The trilby, which has a similar shape, is derived from the fedora. The main difference is that the brim is narrower, whilst being emphasised and curved up at the back. Fedoras from Stetson made from wool felt remain popular thanks to the VitaFelt quality, which provides the hat with excellent wearing comfort. The exclusive headwear can be rolled up or folded, is dirt-resistant and waterproof, and comes with pleasantly warming qualities. Stetson’s lightly woven fedoras made from straw have a refreshing appearance and put you in a holiday mood. The incredibly light and timeless straw design provides shade and enhances every gentleman’s attire, even in summer.

No matter if made from light raffia or hardwearing wool felt – a fedora from Stetson is still a classic amongst hats and guarantees an impeccably styled appearance.

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Wear a stylish fedora from Stetson and a sophisticated appearance is guaranteed. The formal hat is characteristic for its curved down brim and the pinched in front, which lend this elegant headwear its distinctive look. The perfectly shaped hat protects you from wind and other types of weather and wins you over with its simplicity and elegance. The fedora was already being worn by the upper classes in the late 19th century. Its namesake is a heroine from a play from 1882, who wore a similar hat during the play. Durable enough to deal with changing weather and also elegant enough to wear whilst driving an automobile, the fedora became even more widely spread during the industrialisation in the early 20th century. Over time, the fedora became an indispensable accessory for every suit, no matter if for business or leisure. A man with taste wore a hat. The fedora gained popularity by appearing as a prop in diverse Hollywood films and became part of the typical image of private detectives, gangsters and mob bosses. Al Capone called on his men to wear grey fedoras, so you could tell them apart from law-abiding citizens. The beloved fedora started to lose its popularity in the late 50s and early 60s. The fashion trends tended towards more narrow shapes, which caused short brim hats to replace the fedora as an essential piece of clothing. However, in recent years, the fedora made a deserved comeback thanks to movie greats. Whilst the fedora was originally worn by men, it has become more popular with women due to popular street style blogs and is now available in designs tailored for women. Combined with a wool coat in winter, the broad brim designs are especially popular in dark colours. The originally sophisticated gentleman’s hat has found a new purpose and has been interpreted by the younger generation in a modern fashion.

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