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Felt hats – promise more than just a smart appearance on a cold day

Alongside adventurous traveller hats, the more classic hat variations made from felt are also popular. A timeless and elegantly curved felt hat from Stetson should be part of every gentleman’s wardrobe and ensures a perfectly styled appearance during winter and in summer. Top hats, Bogart hats and bowler hats have a long history and have been made from high-quality felt for a long time.

It is hard to imagine the artist and the musician scene without compact felt hats like the trilby, the player hat or the pork pie hat, which make the wearer ready for the stage thanks to their narrow brim and the classic rep fabric decoration. Whether you are playing your guitar in the park, jamming with friends or go to a festival gig – the felt hats with a narrow brim are wonderfully finished and have become the ultimate head wear, and are not just for hipsters in up-and-coming city districts.

Regardless of sun or rain – durable felt hats from Stetson can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without losing any of their quality. Grab a felt hat today, a reliable companion all-year-round!

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Normally, the various weather conditions that accompany the four seasons play a big role in deciding to buy a new hat. Good news for anyone looking for a hat that can be worn all year-round and adapts to every season! Felt hats from the house of Stetson are suitable for any weather thanks to their temperature-adjusting feature and are true companions through all seasons. Felt hats shield you from the cold whilst keeping you warm, keep your head cool and provide optimal protection all year round! Durable wool felt hats by Stetson have become popular with experienced outdoor enthusiasts thanks to their high VitaFelt quality and reveal an all-round talent! The dirt-resistant and waterproof felt hats do not come with extraordinary wearing comfort, but also have an exceptionally stylish appearance. These hats, which can be rolled up or folded, offer protection from all kinds of weather during the most varied weather conditions. Incredibly lightweight felt hats by Stetson make sure it stays pleasant under your hat during warm as well as cool temperatures. The integrated UV filter provides perfect protection from dangerous solar radiation. The felt hat doubles as a rain hat thanks to its damp-resistant properties and will not let you down during heavy rain. Felt hats by Stetson, which will not lose their shape, have a way of maintaining a pleasant temperature during cold climates in winter. The integrated ear and nape cover can be put to good use when the temperature is below freezing.

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