Flat caps

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Flat caps

Brought to America by English and Irish emigrants in the 17th century, the bonnet often got called Irish cap or Paddy cap and become immensely popular in the United States. The cap has long been a fashionable item among the working class in Berlin as well as in other parts of the world. The accessory is a versatile addition to every look at any time. It is a universal item yet perfect to create an instantly recognisable look as it is a true signature piece. The popularity of the classic cap has fluctuated throughout its history, but it remains to be an accessory with which you cannot go wrong at any time. Especially in recent times celebrities, have been spotted bringing the trend back. Stetson has a wide range of flat caps for men, women and kids to choose from.

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The flat cap (or bunnet in Scotland and Dai cap in Wales) is a classic style of cap. The rounded cap is a chic yet sporty accessory. Predominantly worn by men, but nowadays also loved by women and children, the flat cap has long established its status as a wardrobe staple. It is wearable all year around and the perfect choice to add an elegant touch to any outfit. The rounded cap often comes in many varieties. With a small visor, a top button or 6 panel style the cap offers many stylish extras to choose from. Often the cap features lining for extra warmth and comfort. The visor is ideal for protecting the eyes and face from the sun. Some caps come with hidden ear flaps or even an additional neck flap to protect you from cold wind and rain during the cold seasons and from heat and sunburn during the warm period of the year and on holiday. Typical materials include cosy wool, soft cotton and sophisticated leather. But you can also find a flat cap made from warm alpaca wool, light fur felt, flowing silk or even rustic straw. The luxurious fabric feels light and keeps the head warm. Some caps come with special UV protection or water-resistant layers. The classic accessory is often accompanied by a classic pattern such as tartan or herringbone . Popular colour choices are dark tones like grey, brown and navy blue but also bright reds. From a practical waterproof flat cap through to a traditional Harris Tweed cap to a sophisticated leather flat cap – the options are endless. The flat cap has its origin in 14th century Northern England when it was known as a bonnet. Towards the end of the 16th century on Sundays and holidays, the bonnet had to be worn by all men over six years by law. Exceptions were made only for the nobility and so-called “persons of degree”. As a result, the flat cap established itself as an accessory for the working class. Also known as a golf cap nowadays, the hat has been associated with the upper class as well as later being considered a fashionable accessory during leisure time among upper-class Englishmen. Nowadays the famous headgear is considered a more or less classless item.

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