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Hats with more functions than you could think of!

When the temperature starts to rise and the sun shines brightly in the sky, it is good to have a sun hat from Stetson in tow. There are designs made from straw that let in air to cool down your head, but also hats made with built in UV protection. This ensures you are protected from dangerous solar radiation when you are spending time in the sun. Stetson also has sun hats with a broad brim to shield your eyes from sunlight. Regardless of whether you are lounging in the sun or playing beach volleyball, a sun hat from Stetson is always a good choice for great weather and you will not have to worry about harmful radiation.

Many of Stetson’s sun hats are also packable, which means you can roll them up and put them in your suitcase without the hat being damaged. Over time, the hat will not lose any of its original properties. Stetson’s packable hats are perfect for long journeys, especially those where you have luggage restrictions. A packable traveller hat from Stetson makes for a handy accessory and means you do not have to miss out on style when you are travelling.

A specialty from the house of Stetson is the VitaFelt hat. These types of hat are especially durable and hardwearing, and are made for those who need a hat that can last through many adventures. A VitaFelt from Stetson is an excellent choice of hat and perfect for people who do not shy away from risky expeditions.

Whether you are an experienced traveller or just enjoy spending time in the sun, you cannot go wrong with a versatile Stetson hat that comes with various functions!

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At Stetson.eu, you can choose from various hats suited for different conditions, regardless of whether it is sunny or it is raining. If you want to be prepared for different types of weather, pick one of Stetson’s many functional hats!Stetson can offer you many different styles of hat so you will not be caught unawares by a sudden weather change. You will have others wondering why you don't shy away from bad weather - gone are the days where you would stay inside because the weather was not to your liking! When you are caught out in the rain, you will be grateful to wear a rain hat from Stetson. Not only will your head and hair stay dry, you will also look smart. Thanks to Stetson, you do not have to choose between style and function, as many of Stetson’s classic hat designs have been adapted to make them suitable for rainy days. The rain hat’s waterproof exterior acts as a shield against water, and some of Stetson’s rain hats are even longer in the back to stop water from spilling down the back of your neck. With a Stetson rain hat, you can brave rainy weather, even if you forgot your umbrella at home! Even if you are just spending time outside doing leisure activities, an outdoor hat from Stetson will make for a reliable companion. Stetson’s outdoor hats come in many designs and colours so you will look stylish when you go on a long walk. Why not go for a classic bucket hat from Stetson and go fishing? The outdoor hat is made for those who enjoy spending time outside and value the qualities of a great hat. Whether it is a cowboy hat or a pork pie hat, an outdoor hat from Stetson will not let you down.

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