Over 150 years of experience made Stetson the number one brand for headwear enthusiast all over the world. Although all Stetson hats and caps captivate premium product quality, a timeless design and exceptional workmanship, some products from the Stetson range enjoy even more popularity than others. One of the brand’s bestseller is the classic flat cap that is known under the name of Hatteras. For cap lovers and fans of the house of Stetson, the Hatteras flat cap is a long-living wardrobe essential for confidently stylish gentleman.
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The Hatteras flat cap from Stetson has been once stigmatised as a conservative golf cap. However, Stetson gave the flat cap a complete make-over using modern patterns and shades. This turned the Hatteras not only into one of the brand’s bestselling products but also into a well-established must-have for style-conscious men. The Hatteras cap is a versatile headwear essential that goes with various outfits and adds a touch of dressiness to every look. As all products that bear the name of Stetson, the Hatteras flat cap reasons with its classic elegance, superior material quality and high comfort. You already found your headwear favourite from the renowned brand of Stetson? Browse the wide range of Hatteras cap in a plethora of different materials, shades and pattern and order it online at Stetson.eu!

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The secret of the worldwide success of Stetson’s Hatteras credits to the timeless design of the cap which makes it easy to mix and match with various outfits. A classic eight-panel design which reminds headwear connoisseurs of an elegant beret paired with a short peak and a distinctive button top make the Hatteras cap a gentleman’s headwear favourite. The sophisticated design of Stetson’s bestselling cap keeps you wishing you could wear a Hatteras every day? No problem at all! The great choice of Stetson’s Hatteras in various colours and materials will make your wish come true. The materials used for the flat cap are diverse in their function though superior in their quality which makes the popular Hatteras cap durable, resilient and a life-long companion. Made from warming Woolrich® wool, soft cashmere or superior suede leather the Hatteras cap is exceedingly comfortable and keeps you warm even if it is freezing cold outside. Elegant Harris Tweed, a used leather look and subtle shades make the flat cap from the house of Stetson also cosy in its appearance. When spring awakens and the temperatures start to rise, you should swap your warming flat cap for an airy Hatteras from Stetson’s spring-summer collection. Natural materials like soft cotton, delicate silk or cooling linen equip the flat cap with excellent characteristics for the warm days of the year. Besides breathable, light and temperature regulating properties, Stetson’s bestselling flat cap shields you from the sun with an integrated UV-protection and its short peak. The light colours and summery though classic patterns of the Hatteras cap match all your summer looks. This makes Stetson’s Hatteras flat cap a true all-rounder and indispensable wardrobe essential.

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