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Knit hats with style woven in

Knit hats with small peaks have been an absolute hit in winter sports for many years. With these hats, you are protected from the cold and the sunlight when you are on the slope. Trendy beanies are popular amongst young people and make for great headwear on mild summer days too, thanks to skilful processing. Cosy alpaca wool or precious merino wool are amazingly suitable for the making of stylish knit hats from Stetson. The product range even includes flat caps. This special style of headwear is also made by knitting and high-quality cotton and exclusive leather make knit hats amongst the most precious in Stetson’s range. As women and men cannot get enough of the range of products and designs, it is no surprise that knit hats are amongst the ultimate bestsellers from the house of Stetson.

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Elegant knit hats from Stetson USA belong in every wardrobe. Nearly everyone who is adept at dealing with different seasons owns at least one classic winter hat with a lovely pattern. The wide-reaching variety of modern knit hats by Stetson is simply endless. They are available in nearly every possible design, such as the beret, the bobble hat and the beanie. All of them have one thing in common – a beautiful, hand-knitted or manufactured pattern. Knitting has been a sensation for many centuries and has been widespread since its invention. Women have claimed this hobby for themselves, but even men enjoy having the ability to create clothing and headwear from wool or yarn. Knit hats from Stetson USA are made with the help of first-rate machinery, so that the processing of selected fibres is even more exquisite. That is obviously how the high demand for popular knit hats can be met. Knit hats are everyone’s favourite winter hat, which comes as no surprise, seeing as there are various designs that meet everyone’s tastes. Several of Stetson USA’s knit hats are in fashion right now. There are sporty turn-up or docker hats, which provide warmth and comfort on cold winter days due to their additional cosy lining. This is useful even if you are not working at the docks. Women, for instance, are delighted by knitted berets. Berets are not just the epitome of French fashion, but a knitted, oversized design makes for the ultimate trend piece every winter. Hats in chunky knits by Stetson provide additional comfort through their voluminous fabric, but you need to be careful on windy days, as chunky knits cannot stop a frosty gust of wind from getting through to your head.

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