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Leather hats – the perfect companion for all types of weather

Real leather hats from the house of Stetson make for incredibly resilient and hard-wearing headwear that, in the best-case scenario, lasts for life. Tanned animal skin is used in the making of leather hats, resulting in each piece being different to the next. Every little flaw gives the hat a distinctive appearance. A real leather hat does not leave its owner’s side and is shaped by the stories they experience together. Real fans of leather hats know that these sturdy hats only reach their final form after years of wearing them.

Leather was used for clothes from as far back as 3000 BC. This makes it one of the oldest materials besides fur used for clothing. Leather is a hard-wearing material, which is why it is often used for work clothes and is the preferred choice of material when making shoes, gloves or hats. Real leather hats have different characteristics depending on the type of leather. The most frequently used leathers include durable cattle leather, smooth sheepskin or goatskin as well as pigskin. The more exotic and therefore rarer types of leather include kangaroo and crocodile leather. Different types of leather do not just have different origins. They also differ in the way the skin has been treated. Glossy patent leather and smooth leather are often coated, which is where they get their dirt-resistant and water-proof features. Nubuck leather, which can come from cattle or calves, is slightly roughened to give it a smooth surface. Nappa leather from lambs, goats or calves, however, has a naturally smooth, matte surface.

No matter whether it is a traveller hat, a cowboy hat or a player hat – breathable real leather hats from the house of Stetson dazzle with rustic elegance and adventurous charm!

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No matter whether you are on a safari or taking a daring trip through the tropics – the more adventures a leather hat takes part in, the more it unfolds its outer beauty. Leather hats by Stetson come in a great variety popular with both men and women. As leather is known for being durable, Western hats are preferably made from leather. Cowboy hats made from rugged cow skin are definitely suitable for the outdoors, and are popular with shepherds as well as cowherds thanks to their exceptional wearing comfort. Pouring rain and incessant heat can no longer get in the way of a nice walk. Even wannabe cowboys like to don a genuine leather hat from Stetson. Traveller hats made from roughened leather undeniably embody a certain type of desirable bravado. Who does not want to experience the way a cowboy feels, when he’s sat on his horse with nothing but the prairie in front of him?

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