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Linen caps – A light cap for clear blue skies

Stetson’s linen caps come in a variety of designs. There are caps made with a combination of materials, such as cotton and silk, to create an even more elegant hat for chilling in the sun. Of course, linen caps made from Stetson come in classic designs too – such as flat caps, baseball caps and army caps. You will not have to miss out on your favourite hat design on hot days thanks to many styles of linen caps available!

Some linen caps made by Stetson even come with built in UV protection. You can enjoy the weather and do leisurely activities on sunny days without worrying about dangerous radiation as these caps have integrated factor 40 UV protection. Stetson have sought to make these caps incredibly fashionable whilst not forgetting the necessity of being protected from sun light when you are out and about on a hot day. With a linen cap from Stetson, you get style combined with the essential element of protection from the sun.

Wear your linen cap whenever you want – be it at a barbeque or during a game of beach volleyball – it is made for enjoying good weather. Relax in the sun and choose your linen cap at!

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Even the ancient Egyptians knew to appreciate the benefits of linen garments. With a linen cap from Stetson, you have a cap that can be worn on hot, sunny days! What makes linen caps so suitable for hot weather is the linen, a breathable fabric with outstanding properties. Its light qualities ensure that you can wear a linen cap in hot weather without having to worry about missing out on a cool breeze – the way a linen cap is woven means it can keep your head cool in hot weather no matter you are doing. Whether you are lounging in the sun on the beach or enjoying a picnic in the park, a linen cap from Stetson will not disappoint you when the temperature starts to rise. If you would like a smart, but also laid-back alternative to the straw hat, a linen cap is perfect for you. What makes the linen cap so perfect is that it can be worn by women and men. At, there are plenty of linen caps in different colours with various patterns, so you have a great selection of hats for the sunny season. These caps are quite casual, which means they can be worn with almost anything, and make it easier on the wearer to pick a style to match their linen cap. Try linen caps in light, sandy shades and wear them with colourful t-shirts and shorts – it will create a nice contrast and make for a fashionable outfit in hot climates. A colourful linen cap from Stetson can be combined with a flowing dress to round off a sophisticated look. You will be turning heads at the beach with a bold cap from Stetson!

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