Men’s bandanas at – a wealth of style in a simple square of fabric! Stetson is not just an expert in terms of hat making, but knows a thing or two about bandanas too – a versatile fashion accessory that should be part of every man’s wardrobe. If you wish to create an army-inspired look, try combining an on-trend Stetson bandana with an authentic army cap from the house of Stetson. It makes for a cutting-edge style that has you looking like a trendy warrior. This look adds a unique touch to your outfit that will set you apart from the rest.
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You can imitate the ‘classic’ Frenchman look and wear the Stetson bandana around your neck, combined with a striped T-shirt. This style is not just reminiscent of Paris, but also has the charm of a sailor on high seas. The nautical trend is not just for women, but also for men who want to try a classic look that is practically a guarantee for a playful, retro style. Combine your denim garments with a bandana and you have a laidback style that works all year round. However, the bandana can even be worn with a smart shirt and a blazer and offers a cutting-edge alternative to the tie. In short – you don’t have to be a fashion connoisseur to wear the bandana for an effortless look!

A Stetson Western hat is an important element of the authentic cowboy look. A bandana from the house of Stetson is just as important, as it rounds off your appearance with vintage Western charm. You will be turning heads everywhere you go with the complete cowboy look.

If you are a fashion-forward individual or just want to try out a new style – a bandana from is guaranteed to fulfil your fashion needs!

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The bold colours of Stetson’s bandanas will offer a cool contrast to the normally understated shades of the army cap. The baseball caps Stetson has to offer also make for an outstanding accessory when combined with a bandana. A bandana tied at the back of the head with a mesh cap hat gives off a hint of urban style that is easy to pull off even if you have no ‘street cred’. The good thing about wearing a bandana under your caps is that it makes the cap easier to care for, as any sweat is caught in the bandana. Even if you take the cap off, you will still have a stylish accessory decorating your head, showing off your fashion expertise. Why not incorporate the bandana into your hairstyle to create an effortless look? Even if you have short hair, you can combine the current 50s-inspired ‘short back and sides’ haircut, which has gone through a massive revival, with a Stetson bandana and style your hair upwards to emphasise the volume. Impress those around you with a flattering bandana hairstyle!

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