Men’s scarves by Stetson – a scarf for every type of weather! Here at you will find a scarf to suit your style, be it a cosy wool scarf or a simple bandana. Stetson have selected the finest high-quality materials and turned them into wonderful, aesthetically pleasing creations. Stop worrying about the weather and select a scarf from Stetson - well-crafted accessories with functional characteristics. The designs that feature in this wonderful assortment will have you wishing you could wear a scarf everyday!
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Men's scarves - wrap yourself in style

There is no need to be reluctant to step out of the house with a scarf as long as it complements your look. Stetson’s scarves with sophisticated fringing and a tweedy appearance are an outstanding choice if you tend to wear smart shirts and elegant suits. The understated design of these scarves will not take away from the look of a chic suit, but instead complement your appearance. You will go through the cold season looking like a stylish gentleman with impeccable taste. Thanks to the variety of colours that Stetson can offer, you can switch it up and add some colour to simple outfits.

If you are more of the casual type, take a look at Stetson’s scarves that come in two tones, patterns or even stripes. These designs make for exceptional accessories during low temperatures as they combine effortless style and high-quality functions. Combined with a knit hat from the house of Stetson and a wool jumper you are guaranteed to impress everyone around you with your fashion expertise. Enjoy the cosy warmth of a Stetson scarf whilst looking like a style icon.

Once the temperature starts to rise and you can leave the house in light clothing again, you can swap your wool scarf with a bandana from Stetson, made from a silk and cotton mix. You get the best of both worlds, as silk feels pleasant against your skin and cotton is a breathable fabric that is suitable for mild temperatures. The vibrant prints on these bandanas turn them into stunning statement pieces that should be a part of every man’s wardrobe.

A scarf from Stetson is a sophisticated companion no matter the weather – so visit and select a scarf that adds to your style!

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  1. Wool
A Stetson scarf made from lambswool is an excellent choice to bridge the colder months of the year in style. The cosy material that feels soft to the touch will guard you from brisk temperatures when you need to brave the cold. Stetson also uses alpaca wool for a selection of their scarves, which has a silky feel and represents Stetson’s aim to provide fashionable pieces made from superior materials. A scarf made from an alpaca wool mix from the house of Stetson will have you looking like a sophisticated gentleman who appreciates the qualities of premium fabrics. Angora wool, which is another material Stetson uses, is one of the finest materials and has you feeling cosy and warm thanks to its delicate feel. The silk mixes used for a Stetson’s selection of Stetson’s scarves give them a silky smooth texture and also make it possible to take advantage of the different fabrics’ main characteristics. Of course, one cannot forget the Stetson scarves made from virgin wool and merino wool, which are guaranteed to keep you warm during the frosty season and feel soft against your skin. No matter your preference, Stetson uses only the finest fabrics to ensure you can enjoy the high quality of their magnificent scarves.

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