Outdoor hats – defy every weather

If you’re out and about in the open air and need to be prepared for patchy weather conditions, then a ‘normal’ everyday hat is never enough. Depending on the reigning temperature and atmospheric conditions, a customised outdoor hat can offer optimal protection.


A water-repellent hat keeps your head dry

With water-repellent outdoor hats, often made from wool felt, you are guaranteed superb protection from wetness. Here in our web shop you will find hats with Asahi-Guard® protection as well as the exclusive VitaFelt collection by Stetson and many other hats. The high-quality wool felt of these hats is not only robust, weather-resistant and durable but also dirt-repellent and therefore extremely easy-care.


VitaFelt is a special material that travel enthusiasts will love and that is exclusively available from Stetson. This kind of wool felt is made from high-quality new wool and is available from us in various designs. In comparison to other wool felts, VitaFelt is particularly light and robust, meaning that hats made of this material are ideal travel companions that even have crushable properties.


Asahi Guard® is a water-repellent and oil-repellent technology that is based on fluoride. This type of coating is used for putting the finish on headwear and other textiles. The secret of material with Asahi Guard® is the low surface tension of the coating that enables substances with a higher surface tension to simply pearl away, meaning that textiles are not affected by oil or water. Another important feature is that Asahi Guard®, in comparison to other coatings, does not change either texture, colour or air permeability. This coating can be applied to the most varied types of material and is therefore a true all-rounder when it comes to giving materials robust, water and dirt-repellent properties. The latter means of course that the hats coated with Asahi Guard® are extremely easy-care.


UV protection hats – for protecting sensitive scalps

People often underestimate the power of the sun and its associated ultraviolet rays. Especially on mild and cool days, it’s easy to forget about effective sun protection. The sun’s rays are made up of a total of three forms of radiation. Infrared radiation (IR) is the warming part. Light forms the second part of the sunray, creating the visible sunbeam. UV radiation is the third element; this is the smallest part in terms of percentage, but if there is no protection, or the wrong protection, it can be enormously damaging for the skin. At worst, UV rays can cause enormous damage such as different degrees of sunburn. In order to counter this danger, you will find a whole series of models in our Stetson collection with UV protection factor 40+ that ideally protect the head from these all too pesky sunrays. You can also find the popular UV protection hats made from waxed cotton by us.


Breathable – wool felt and straw ensure your head stays a pleasant temperature

It’s no secret that straw hats offer a high level of breathability thanks to their filigree weave and generally airy properties. Especially for warmer days, outdoor hats made of straw offer an unbeatable combination of lightness and comfort. Models made of wool felt can be worn all year round because they provide warmth in the winter and cool you down in the summer. The reason is that wool felt can provide a very pleasant climate for your head all year round. Moisture that drips onto the wool felt hat from outside is absorbed by the material: the hat can actually absorb many times its own weight in moisture but the material hardly feels damp at all, meaning that a high level of comfort is retained. The wool felt can convert the moisture into warmth so that your head stays dry and warm in the rain. It’s a similar situation if you sweat and the sweat starts to collect under the crown of the hat. Thanks to its breathable properties, wool felt hats are able to transport the moisture outwards by changing it into warmth. This means that the head is warmed and kept dry on cool days and cooled on warm days.


Our exclusive Stetson collection: VitaFelt

We would like to recommend most heartily our VitaFelt collection, exclusively developed by Stetson, featuring very special outdoor hats. The hats are handmade from 100% new wool. The advantage of this material is the fact that it can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Its dirt-repellent properties also play an important role. Hats from the VitaFelt collection cool down the head on warm days and provide warmth when the outdoor temperatures start to drop.


Packable hats – quick and easy to store

Our collection is aimed particularly at hat lovers who travel a lot and all those who appreciate comfort and want to be able to store their outdoor hat quickly and easily. Thanks to their extreme lightness, VitaFelt hats guarantee you an enormously high level of wearing comfort. The hat models are also crushable and can be simply rolled up. This means that your favourite hat can simply be packed in your suitcase or bag, taking up only a little space. Discover our VitaFelt collection and other Stetson outdoor hats now – here in our online shop!

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