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Outdoor hats – perfectly prepared for every season

Next to outdoor hats Stetson also has more modern hats such as the pork pie hat, the trilby and the player hat, which also offer extraordinary wearing comfort, are durable and strike the right balance between quality and style. Combined with a trench coat or a wool coat, you are certain to be in style with a winter hat by Stetson during the frosty season.

Regardless of whether you choose a traveller hat, a Western hat or a trilby – outdoor hats from the house of Stetson are exclusive headwear that do not just look great, but also fulfil the high standards of the modern hat wearer.

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Outdoor hats by Stetson are the all-rounders amongst hats. No matter if you’re on a safari or taking a stroll in autumn, regardless of the weather – an outdoor hat can protect you from the cold, as well as cool you down and provides perfect protection all year round. It’s suitable for every occasion! Outdoor hats from the house of Stetson are made for men as well as women and come in various designs. The traveller hat, made with a high VitaFelt-quality, is one of the most popular versions of the outdoor hat amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts and presents a warm alternative to the cowboy hat. Thanks to being made from soft wool felt, these hats offer great wearing comfort and are popular even with the toughest adventurers. The dirt-resistant and water-repellent wool felt hats appeal through style and quality and offer excellent protection during many different weather conditions. Beyond being easy to roll up and fold, outdoor hats by Stetson are also durable and incredibly lightweight. Since the outdoor hat can adapt to different temperatures, it keeps your head cool when the weather is warm. The sturdy, handmade hats come with a UV filter, which shields you from direct sunlight. Even on travels, VitaFelt hats by Stetson are the ideal companion. Even when you roll these adventurous hats up and stuff them into your bag, they will not lose their original quality. In case of snow storms, you can make use of the concealed ear and neck cover that comes with some of the designs. Even if functionality is their priority, the fashion element of outdoor hats by Stetson should not be forgotten. Next to their qualitative features outdoor hats by Stetson have a remarkably appealing exterior. The elaborately designed hat bands give these normally plain-looking hats a fresh new look, whilst the versatile brim offers Western hats by Stetson an individual style. Hat decorations such as leather laces, metal ornaments and authentic feathers as well as hat bands made from snakeskin are not uncommon and accentuate the adventurous appearance of the usually functional hats.

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