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Packable hats - made for journeys!

These foldable hats by Stetson are especially suitable for brave backpacking trips through South America or Southeast Asia. Whether you are riding an elephant in the jungle, climbing a mountain peak or looking for your next accommodation – the VitaFelt hat, which comes with many beneficial features, will not let you down. Even if you are not one for adventure, Stetson still has an impressive selection of other foldable hats for you. Fashionable fedoras woven from paper straw, compact trilby hats made from flexible raffia straw and elegant porkpie hats made from high-quality natural straw are easy to wear and guaranteed to keep your head cool during the warmer days on your holiday. Long walks on the beach, lounging in the sun and long summer nights in the night clubs are made effortless with these hat designs.

Lack of space in your suitcase can no longer stop you from taking your favourite hat on holiday. Take a breath and discover the foldable hats from the house of Stetson and take a hat with you the next time you travel!

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Packable hats – the perfect companion in hold. When it comes to exotic holiday destinations, the demands of travellers have become more and more diverse over time. The task of what to pack when you go on holiday has become increasingly challenging. Nowadays, we are faced with the headache caused by budget airlines’ luggage restrictions. This normally results in clothes that were not wrinkle-free or took up too much space staying at home. We have good news for frequent flyers. The company Stetson has worked for quite some time on making your favourite hat easy to pack whilst travelling by train or plane, which means a flat cap made from light cotton is now just one of many potential travel companions. Essentially, every high-quality piece from the very popular VitaFelt collection can be rolled up or folded. The widespread appeal of the temperature-adjusting, dirt- and water-resistant hats made from light wool felt is not without reason. These hats’ unique characteristics make them the essential companion for adventurous travels to faraway countries. Outdoor enthusiasts as well as potential adventurers appreciate that these exceptional hats with impressive quality and style can easily fit into a backpack or hand luggage. Even bulky Western hats, with their wide brim and pinched sides can be easily squeezed into your suitcase or bag with no problems. They will keep their original shape when you are travelling to your holiday destination. Foldable hats by Stetson will always find a place in your suitcase, no matter how little space is left.

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