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Panama hats – first class summer headwear

Handmade Panama hats from Stetson are exclusive hats for those who place a high value on style and quality. These premium, hand-woven straw hats from Ecuador have a tropical flair and nestle themselves around the head of the wearer. It is the fine toquilla straw that lends these chic, shade-providing hats their inimitable ease. The elegant summer hats are decorated with hat ribbons made from leather or with casual, ruffled bows made from rep fabric. Piping borders in fitting colours make for a nice contrast on these high-quality sun hats in natural colours.

The term ‘Panama hat’ has become established in several languages. In the past, South American goods that were not produced with the assistance of US-based factories could not be directly imported to the USA. All these goods ended up in the US customs office in Panama, regardless of where they originated. That is why all hats made in South America used to have a customs seal from Panama, which is how the name Panama hat came about. The Panama hat has been produced by different regions of Ecuador since 1630, where many inhabitants make their living from weaving this exclusive headwear. In Spanish-speaking countries, the Panama hat is also referred to as a ‘Jipijapa’. Next to Montecristi, Jipijapa is one of the biggest producers of hats in Ecuador.

Panama hats are amongst the most classic types of hats, and stand out in the crowd thanks to the timeless, simple design that is quickly recognised. Whether you are at a cosy garden party, lounging in the sun or on your way to the office – a lightly woven Panama hat by Stetson is a guarantee for a perfectly styled look and adds its own charm to every outfit. Get yours now and treat yourself to exclusivity with a broad-brimmed Panama hat from the house of Stetson.

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The integrated UV protection and details like lightly woven mesh windows in the crown make the Panama hat the perfect companion on sunny days whilst allowing for a breeze on your head. Panama hats from Stetson come in different designs. The sporty traveller hat with a broad brim, the classic trilby with a raindrop-shaped crown, which has dents in the side, the authentic Bogart hat and the modernised Homburg style. After Panama hats from Stetson have been woven by hand in the renowned Montecristi factory, they get their characteristic shape through moisture, warmth and pressure. The Panama hat’s exclusivity is thanks to top-quality manufacturing. The production can be very elaborate and tedious, depending on the thickness of the fibre. Independent Ecuadorian hat makers often weave these exquisite hats at home and actually cultivate the toquilla plant themselves. The Panama hat gets its characteristic light colour when the leaves are boiled, dried and roasted on a fire after adding sulphur.

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