The house of Stetson has been renowned for its high-quality headwear for more than 150 years and offers a broad range of different premium hats and caps. Besides the superior quality, an outstanding though timeless design and exceptional workmanship are regarded as the key to the worldwide success of the Stetson brand. Even if all products from the house of Stetson captivate these core values, a selection of hats and caps is exceedingly popular among headwear enthusiast and fans of the Stetson brand. The Plano baseball cap is one of Stetson’s bestsellers that is endeared by male and female cap lovers.
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A timeless design will never be out of fashion and an outstanding quality will last for a life time – This holds true for all products that bear the name of Stetson. The Plano cap unites premium quality and a classic sporty design which makes it the headwear favourite of many cap lovers and Stetson fans. Is the Stetson’s Plano your favourite cap as well? Browse the wide range of baseball caps in a plethora of different materials, styles and shades at!

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It is probably due to the sporty look that the Plano baseball cap moulted to one of Stetson’s most popular products. A casual five-panel design paired with a sandwich peak and a classic button top equips the Plano full cap with an effortless sporty elegance. However, the premium caps from the Stetson brand reason with both their look and their feel. The outstanding wearing comfort of Stetson’s baseball cap is not only guaranteed by the small eyelets for ventilation but also by a superior material choice. The house of Stetson only uses the finest of materials in order to provide their premium caps and hats with excellent wearing properties, durability and a stylish look. These convincing qualities keep cap lovers wishing they could wear the Plano full cap every day of the year. This is why Stetson offers their bestselling styles in a wide range of different materials, colours and pattern to attune them to diverse weather conditions and occasion. During winter times, cosy Woolrich® wool, rustic corduroy and a soft wool-cashmere-mix keeps you warm even if it is freezing cold outside. The long sandwich peak of the Plano cap shields your face against snow and rain while fold-out ear flaps ensure that you are over head and ears in warmth and love with your Plano cap. Rustic-style chequers, subtle shades and mottled tones guarantee that the sporty Plano cap is cosy inside and out. Nevertheless, Stetson’s popular full cap is also a great companion on spring and summer days. Made from natural material such as soft cotton, delicate silk or airy linen, the Plano cap captivates breathable, lightweight and temperature regulating properties. The integrated UV-filter that comes with most natural materials as well as the sandwich peak make Stetson’s Plano cap an excellent sun shield. With its light colours and the stripy design, Stetson’s bestselling baseball cap illustrates that it is an indispensable summer essential. The Plano baseball cap from the house of Stetson is a versatile piece of headwear that will add a sporty touch to all your outfits.

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