Pork pie hats

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Pork pie hats – a must-have for every artist.

Pork pie hats made from leather are especially popular with men. The lightweight designs from the house of Stetson which are made from suede have a great vintage look. There are also the designs made from skin sensitive cotton, which have an oily, vintage appearance thanks to the faded colour coating. The most classic of pork pie hats by Stetson is probably the pork pie hat made from straw, the perfect material for hats made for summer. Summery, striped grosgrain, lightly woven straw and piping in matching colours don not just make for pleasantly lightweight wearing comfort, but also lend a hint of sophistication to every relaxed summer outfit.

Get yourself a pork pie hat by Stetson and own today’s ultimate headwear!

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What makes the pork pie hat special is its unique shape. The pork pie is easily recognised due to its curved-up brim and flat crown. The pork pie hat, which is reminiscent of the trilby, is popular amongst jazz and blues musicians and is available in almost every colour. Stetson offers pork pie hats made from leather, straw and even blended fabrics. The huge variety of available styles helped the pork pie hat, a plate-shaped hat with a narrow brim, gain popularity with men as well as women. The pork pie hat gets its name from a British dish with the same name. The pork pie hat became popular during the 19th century. Back then gentlemen wore the hat with a small, dangling bow at the back whilst women wore a smaller design that was tilted to the front to protect elaborate hair styles. Thanks to numerous appearances on TV and the silver screen, the pork pie hat has become a must-have for stars and starlets. Legendary musicians have brought out their own pork pie hat collections and on top of that a whole episode of a popular sitcom was devoted to the pork pie hat. Even cartoon heroes sport the pork pie hat. Celebrated musicians and world-famous actors and actresses now even wear the pork pie hat on the red carpets. Pork pie hats have reached cult status with members of the singer-songwriter scene and are as important to a stage performance as an acoustic guitar and a microphone. The pork pie hat embodies a generation of hipsters who have rid themselves of responsibilities in search of relaxation and pleasure and who wish to live life to the fullest.

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