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Rain hats – the perfect alternative to an umbrella!

Obviously, water-resistant and water-proof materials play an important role in the making of a rain hat. No one who thinks that a good rain hat needs a glossy finish could be more wrong. Coated hats made from leather or cotton make for excellent companions through drizzle in summer or showers in autumn. The designs with the integrated UV filter are incredibly useful. In case of a sudden weather change your sensitive scalp will not just be protected from moisture, but harmful sunlight as well. Cotton hats with a waxy finish – so called ‘oilskin’ hats – are equipped to deal with any weather. It was sailors who first thought to dip their linen clothes in oil barrels to make them weatherproof.

During winter a rain hat with a cosy lining will not go amiss. Durable wool felt hats from the popular VitaFelt collection make for great rain hats thanks to their water-proof features. They can be worn during sunshine or rain and will not lose their original quality. Classy leather decorations lend long-lasting traveller hats a timeless look.

No matter if it is a southwester, waxed cotton or wool felt – you can weather the next rainstorm with a rain hat from the house of Stetson!

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It is incredible – rain hats from the house of Stetson are elegant accessories with great functional qualities so you can leave the umbrella at home! One look out of the window and your mood worsens. Small beads of rain trickle down the window as you say goodbye to the idea of cycling to work without getting wet. The thought of smudged make-up and frizzy hair is enough to put you off from leaving the house. Luckily, the brand Stetson always has a wide selection of fashionable rain hats made from breathable materials. The rain hat’s wide brim protects your face from drizzle. For women this is highly useful, and smudged make-up as well as ruined hair become a thing of the past. An ear cover, an adjustable chin strap and a long neck cover ensure no raindrop lands in your collar and make sure your sophisticated look will not be ruined by pouring rain. Obviously the rain hat’s main function is to keep your head dry. Luckily, companies like Stetson do not just place a high value on functionality but appreciate appearance as well. They combine exceptional functional qualities with unique designs. A glossy appearance, trendy colours and chic details such as narrow piping in a contrasting colour give the normally functional rain hat a distinct look and make them an aesthetically appealing companion on rainy days.

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