General shipping information

With you pay a low shipping fee. For many countries, shipping is entirely free of charge or free of charge when the order is above a certain value. Please see the shipping table below. There is a simple 100-day return policy for customers. There is no minimum order when ordering with

Our shipping partners: DHL, DPD and UPS

Our packages are handed over to one of our reliable logistics partners DHL, DPD or UPS – depending on the recipient country – for delivery. You can find out which shipping companies deliver to which countries as well as the exact costs and delivery times in the shipping table below.

Germany free 1-2 workdays DHL
Austria free 1-3 workdays DPD
Switzerland €8.36 (free for orders over €100) 2-5 Werktage DHL
Great Britain €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 2-3 workdays DPD
Italy €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 2-3 workdays DPD
Spain €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 2-4 workdays DHL
Denmark €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 1-3 workdays UPS
Finland €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 2-5 workdays DHL
Sweden €9.95 (free for orders over €100) 2-5 workdays DHL
Greece €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Ireland €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Portugal €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Hungary €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Slovakia €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Poland €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Czech Republic €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays UPS
Bulgaria €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Romania €9.95 € (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Slovenia €9.95 (free for orders over €150) 2-5 workdays DHL
Norway 19,95 € 6-18 workdays DHL

Questions about our shipping information

If you have any questions about our shipping information, you can reach us using our contact form or by phone on our hotline number +49 251 322654 248 (Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00).

Customs information for customers from Switzerland

For shipments to Switzerland, German VAT is not charged in accordance with § 4 sub-clause1a UStG (German VAT-law). You will therefore receive an invoice only for the net value of the goods.

Each shipment from abroad is subject to customs duties and VAT. In the postal service, the customer is considered the importer and is obliged to pay all incurred costs. These costs are collected by the Swiss Post on delivery of the shipment.

We expressly point out that for imports into Switzerland, any country-specific fees and duties as well as the VAT incurred are payable by the customer.

Items purchased from us are subject to import VAT. However, this is only charged if the tax amount is at least 5 CHF (minimum threshold). Please note that Swiss customs (or the Swiss Post as its representative) does not charge duties or VAT for orders up to a maximum of approx. CHF 65.00 (= approx. 40.00 Euro), whereby exceptions are possible (depending on the type and weight of the shipment of the goods).

For orders exceeding a value of approximately CHF 65.00, the current Swiss import turnover tax of 7.6% is charged to the invoice amount. In addition, at delivery, the Swiss Post charges a fee of approx. 10.00 CHF, also referred to as “Postvorweisungtaxe” for shipments exceeding the exemption limit. The total amount is payable by the recipient at delivery of the package. The invoice amount (order value + shipping costs) is used as the basis for the calculation of the customs duties.

VAT exemption for export deliveries in non-commercial travel

Please note that orders that we ship to a German address are always subject to VAT. In the case of export on one’s own account via a Swiss invoice recipient, this does not result in subsequent tax exemption. A tax-free delivery is only possible if we ship your order directly to Switzerland.

The above information is supplied without liability. Please check in advance with the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (EZV) about the scope of the tax system.

For questions or problems, please contact us via the contact form.

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