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Silk caps at – a timeless classic for many occasions!

Of course, the classic baseball cap is also part of Stetson’s range of silk caps. If you need protection from harmful sunlight during leisure activities, Stetson’s silk baseball caps are the ones for you. Not only will the cap’s visor shield your eyes from direct sunlight, but the integrated factor 40 UV protection ensures you can enjoy the sun without your scalp being at risk from dangerous solar radiation.

Stetson focusses on high quality in every single detail of their caps. Silk caps from Stetson come with little decorations such as leather ribbons or metal labels that bear the brand name. Stetson’s silk caps are lined with fabrics such as satin and cotton to ensure that they are comfortable and breathable in warm climates. This adds to Stetson’s silk caps being cosy to wear, so you will not be missing out on comfort when you choose a stylish silk cap from Stetson.

Whether it is a sophisticated event, a barbeque or just a stroll in the park – an elegant silk cap from Stetson will rise to the occasion! Visit and choose your chic silk cap from a brilliant range now!

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Silk caps make for the ultimate luxurious headwear. Stetson can offer you many silk caps in different styles – be it a newsboy cap, a baseball cap or a flat cap. Stetson has a fine selection of caps made from silk mixed with various materials. A cap made from silk and wool makes for a fine companion in cold weather. You can combine these understated caps, which come in shades of grey, with a classic, dark coat and feel cosy under your Stetson silk cap. An exquisite style opportunity for accessorising your outfit thanks to the brand Stetson. A silk cap partly made from linen makes for great headwear when the temperature gets warmer. You can rest assured that your head will stay cool with these caps from Stetson. Combined with a laid-back outfit made for sunny days, you are guaranteed to look smart with a silk cap from Stetson. Thanks to the many designs available from Stetson, you can choose a silk cap that matches your style. If you are the easy-going type, you may prefer a silk cap in shades of denim blue. These caps lend any outfit a dashing appearance and make you look like a style expert. If you are daring enough, why not go for a silk cap with a chequered pattern? You are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd with this luxurious piece of headwear crowning your outfit! However, if you favour classic designs such as the newsboy cap or the flat cap, Stetson has outstanding designs made from silk for you. These classic designs are guaranteed to have you looking your best with any outfit.

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