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Straw hats - made for sunshine

If you are talking straw hats in particular or summer hats in general, you cannot overlook the Panama hat. Originally manufactured in Ecuador, the Panama hat represents the most elegant and well-known straw hat. Woven from hand with toquilla straw, the Panama hat is normally available in a natural or bleached style. The classic Panama hat by Stetson is decorated with a characteristically precious ribbon in a contrasting colour, and offers an elegant contrast to simple straw.

Whether in a classic Bogart-shape or in the shape of the casual traveller hat – the straw hat is the most magnificent of them all when it comes to summer headwear. Elegant and unconventional at the same time, it makes the hat wearable for every occasion, no matter if it is a stylish garden party or a laid-back campfire.

Stetson USA appreciates the high-quality of toquilla straw and makes use of it in selected traveller, trilby and Western hats. Hats made from toquilla straw exhibit expert manufacturing and attention to detail.

Every single straw hat from Stetson embodies tradition and quality whilst tying together style and functionality. The straw hat is a true companion for women and men throughout the warm season.

Getting excited for summer? Come and find a hat that suits you – at

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A summer classic for the sunny season – the straw hat by Stetson USA. Where would we be without them? Straw hats by Stetson USA complement every outfit, keep your head cool during heat and look laid-back despite their functionality. There is no hat more popular for sunny days than the straw hat. Stetson provides sun and hat enthusiasts with a first class, diverse range of light, summery hats made from high-quality materials such as toquilla straw, raffia and rayon. Straw hats normally come in natural colours, but are also available bleached. If you prefer colourful hats, you can choose from the more edgy designs that come in colours like red or blue on Whether it is the distinctive broad-brimmed Western hat, the classy Panama hat, the trendy trilby hat, or a player hat with a striking grosgrain band – lightweight summer hats from the house of Stetson will have people turning their heads on warm days. In addition to their visual variety, Stetson summer hats also have impressive functional qualities. In addition to enhancing every outfit, designs with a wide brim are also great at providing shade and protecting your head and face from excessive sun light. The summer hat feels incredibly light to wear, thanks to the breathable straw that adapts to your head and the comfortable ribbon lining inside of the hat. Straw hats from Stetson that come with UV protection are especially made to shield delicate facial skin from direct sunlight. The straw hat by Stetson is not just perfect headwear for long walks at sunset, but also protects you during sports. Whether as an accessory for a leisure time outfit, as protection from sunlight during horse-riding or for backpacking throughout world – the straw hat by Stetson is a reliable companion during all activities in summer.

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