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Sun hats – well protected throughout summer

Breathable outdoor and safari hats made from organic cotton come with built-in UV protection, prevent unpleasant moisture and provide ventilation during sweat-inducing activities on warm, sunny days. Thanks to the metallic eyelets, the hat is even more comfortable to wear.

Whether it is a sun hat to provide shade in the summer or as fashionable headwear at a picnic in the park, a high-quality sun hat from Stetson enhances every summer wardrobe. No matter whether cotton, straw or linen – protect your head from UV radiation and enjoy the summer with the right sun hat from Stetson!

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A good sun hat is essential for a generous sunbathing session. In summer, it is vital to shield your sensitive scalp from dangerous solar radiation to avoid getting sunburnt. Because they make use of highly functional materials, the company Stetson can offer you a great repertoire of numerous sun hats that do not just look great, but also offer excellent protection from damaging UV radiation. A sun hat from Stetson does not just stop your head from overheating. It will also have people turning their heads when you wear it at the beach! Stetson offers a huge variety of sun hats. Straw hats are the most popular variety of the sun hat as they are incredibly light weight and offer plenty of shade. Whether it is an elegant trilby, a classic Bogart hat or an authentic cowboy hat – in summer, a straw hat is the perfect companion for any situation. In the 1920s, men in particular wore straw hats for special festivities put on by the high society. Back then, the small, circular hat that is reminiscent of a boater already had an important place in the gentleman’s wardrobe. Today, straw hats are popular with men as well as women. Lightly woven raffia straw lends these summer hats by Stetson an incredibly light wearing comfort. These highly breathable, lightly woven sun-worshippers reduce unpleasant perspiration and allow for a fresh breeze on your head. Apart from that, straw hats with decorative ribbons made from rep fabric are the trendiest accessory of the summer! Hats made from straw are not the only hats great at providing shade in the summer. If your skin is particularly sensitive to the sun, you should go for a bucket hat, as its generous brim covers the nape, which is especially vulnerable to UV radiation and requires extra protection. Felt hats by Stetson, which come with a temperature-adjusting feature, make for the ideal sun hat and even keep your head cool during warm climates. Thanks to the UV filter these durable hats offer perfect protection from intense sunlight. Felt hats by Stetson also keep out moisture and keep you warm in case the weather changes

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