Terms of use

Terms of Use for Purchasers for the Stetson.eu Shopping Portal

1. General Information

Under the domain www.stetson.eu,
KART Holding Verwaltungs GmbH
Oskar-Schindler-Straße 11
50769 Köln

Tel.: +49 251 322654 249
Fax: +49 251 322654 13
Website: Stetson.eu
E-mail: [email protected]

Local Court Köln – commercial register 73976
Managing Director: Sebastian Boekholt
operates a shopping portal.

2. Seller

(1)KART Holding Verwaltungs GmbH (hereinafter “Kart”) offers entrepreneurs within the meaning of Section 14 BGB (German Civil Code) (hereinafter “Seller”) the opportunity to use the www.stetson.eu shopping portal. The Seller can list its goods for sale on the shopping portal.
(2) A prerequisite for the use of the marketplace by the Seller is approval from Kart in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for Sellers. The Seller has no entitlement to approval.

3. Purchaser

(1) Kart offers natural and legal persons (hereinafter the “Purchaser”) the opportunity to buy items offered by the Sellers.
(2) Registration or use of the platform as a Purchaser requires the Purchaser to be of legal age in the case of natural persons.
(3) The user data required to process the purchase and the data regarding the commercial transaction are forwarded by Kart to the Seller whose goods the Purchaser wishes to order. The Seller is responsible for the complete processing of the purchase and the payment. Kart does not become a contracting party 
in the purchase contract, but merely acts as a technical service provider here.

4. Orders and Conclusion of Agreements

(1) The Seller’s product presentation on the portal does not represent a legally binding offer, but rather an invitation to place an order. The Purchaser has the opportunity to select and order products on the portal’s pages. When he finds the desired product, he can place it in his shopping cart on an unbinding basis by clicking “Add to shopping cart”. The products in the shopping cart can be viewed or removed at any time. Should the Purchaser wish to buy the products in the shopping cart, he can click on the “Go to checkout” button. After entering his details and selecting the payment method, the Purchaser will reach the order page, where he can check his details again and correct them if necessary. By clicking on the “Buy now” button, the Purchaser submits a binding order to the Seller for the goods contained in the shopping cart.
(2) The purchase agreement is concluded once the Seller accepts the order by means of an email order confirmation immediately following receipt of the order. The order confirmation confirms that goods will be delivered within 5 days.
(3) In addition to these Terms of Use, the respective Terms and Conditions of the Seller whose goods have been ordered form the foundation of the respective purchase agreement, if the Seller has included such Terms and Conditions in his offer.
(4) The Terms of Use of the shopping portal can be viewed or printed by the Purchaser on the website at any time. The order data and the General Business Conditions of the Seller shall also be sent to the Purchaser by the Seller in text form following the conclusion of the agreement. Registered customers can access the order data in the shopping portal even after the order has been placed.
(5) The languages in which agreements can be concluded are: German, English and French.
(6) Kart does not undertake a guarantee for the fulfilment of purchase agreements concluded with Purchasers nor liability for physical or legal defects in the products concerned. In cases provided for in law, the Purchaser may have the right to withdraw from the agreement or alternative rights of return. The Seller is legally obliged to inform the Purchaser of this. The Purchaser receives this information from the product information page or the Seller’s shop page as well as in their Terms and Conditions.
(7) The Seller is responsible for the product text, images, the legally prescribed order and purchase information, its own Terms and Conditions as well as for the fulfilment of its obligations arising from the purchase contract or refund obligations, for example in the event of the cancellation of the order. The Seller is liable in particular for the content not being unlawful and not infringing upon the rights of third parties, in particular trademark, competition, copyright or personal rights.

5. Delivery and Payment

(1) Goods are delivered by the Seller.
(2) The (purchase price) claim is to be paid to the Seller upon the conclusion of the agreement. Please refer to the Seller for specific payment information.

6. Access to the Portal

Due to maintenance work on the shopping portal that may be necessary from time to time and the possibility of technical errors, Kart cannot guarantee that access to www.stetson.eu will be possible at all times and without interruptions.

7. Customer Account

The Purchaser can register with Kart as a new customer as early as the order process. To do so, the Purchaser must enter his name, a valid email address and a password and, if needed, re-enter this data to confirm. From then on, the Purchaser can log into the shopping portal’s websites using his e-mail address and password and take advantage of the functions of the customer account.

8. Applicable Law

German law shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. This choice of law only applies for users when this would not circumvent the guaranteed protection of mandatory provisions of the law of the State in which the user has his primary residence.

9. Data Protection

Kart respects and protects the Purchaser’s personal data. This data is used by Kart exclusively within the limits of statutory provisions. Kart refers to further details in its Data Protection Declaration.

10. Final Provisions

Should one provision of these conditions be or become void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The relevant statutory provisions shall apply in place of the invalid conditions.

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