Since its establishment in 1865, the house of Stetson has moulted to the number one brand for premium headwear. High product quality paired with a timeless design and exceptional workmanship ingratiated Stetson’s hats and caps among headwear enthusiasts worldwide. The house of Stetson is further known for its broad product range which ensures that every customer finds the perfect match. However, if you feel overwhelmed by the great choice of superior hats and caps, you should get inspired by the headwear favourites of other Stetson fans. The Texas cap is one of Stetson’s bestselling flat caps and will instantly pique your interest.
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The house of Stetson is renowned for their extensive head wear collection which is not without good reason. The Texas flat cap and other bestsellers proof that Stetson designs feature timeless elegance which is never out of fashion. Paired with outstanding workmanship and high-quality materials, the hats and caps from the house of Stetson are extremely durable and last for a life-time. You found your headwear favourite in Stetson’s Texas flat cap? Browse the wide range of Texas caps in a plethora of different materials, shades and pattern at Stetson.eu and order your favourite flat cap online!

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The key to the success of Stetson’s Texas cap is probably its timeless appearance. The classic six-panel design and its modern duckbill-shape add a casual touch to all your outfits. The short peak of the Texas flat cap is entirely covered by the upper part of the cap which enhances the sporty and streamlined look of Stetson’s bestselling cap. Once headwear enthusiast become fond of the casual though elegant look of the Texas flat cap, they hardly ever want to take it off. Lucky them! The house of Stetson offers their bestselling products in a broad range of different colours, patterns and materials to make them suit the personal taste of their customers and adapt the caps to both diverse weather conditions and occasions. Made from cosy Woolrich® wool, soft cashmere-wool-mix and superior nubuck leather, Stetson’s Texas cap provides warmth and comfort on cold winter day. With their mottled tones, rustic herringbone patterns and chequers the Texas caps add a touch of cosy elegance to your winter wardrobe. Some flat caps from Stetson’s winter collection come with fold-out ear-flaps that bestow even more blissful warmth when it is freezing cold outside. Nevertheless, Stetson’s Texas flat cap should not be neglected during spring and summertime. Natural materials such as durable cotton, delicate silk and airy linen make the flat caps breathable, temperature regulating and pleasant to wear on warm and sunny days. The house of Stetson designed the Texas caps in light shades which reflect the sun and let you keep a cool head even when its darned hot outside. The natural UV-filter and the peak of the duckbill-shaped cap shield you from sun rays and the dreaded sun burn. This makes the bestselling Texas cap a true all-rounder and an indispensable headwear favourite during all seasons!

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