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The traveller hat by Stetson USA - outdoor expert and trendsetter

Traveller hats made from felt or leather are perfect for protecting against rain or snow during the cold season. You are dressed for every weather with a Stetson made from hardwearing textiles. Even the coldest winter does not have anything on you. Elegant traveller hats made from genuine wool felt are especially popular to guard against the cold. This also goes for the Stetson VitaFelt collection. They are incredibly hardwearing, durable and long-lasting outdoor hats with remarkable wearing comfort. These handmade hats made from precious, high-quality sheep’s wool are not just dirt-resistant and waterproof, they are also incredibly light and adjust to different temperatures. The VitaFelt designs meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts due to their excellent qualities, which makes them the perfect companion during wind and all kinds of weather. The fashion-forward hat wearer also gets their money’s worth with a VitaFelt hat. Next to their outstanding features, VitaFelt designs also have a great look. Stetson’s VitaFelt hats are timeless and come in understated colours. They are available in many different styles.

On hot days, the straw version of the Stetson traveller hat will help you keep a cool head. Stetson adds to this summer hat’s outstanding wearing comfort through a padded ribbon lining the hat. The straw hat can be combined with almost anything and does not overpower in terms of style. It has a wide brim, which shields you from excessive sunlight. Other styles for summer are made from cotton and allow for air ventilation due to metal eyelets. The ribbon lining the inside of the hat provides a comfy fit. The summer traveller hats from Stetson are timeless classics that are always in style.

Traveller hats from Stetson are unique headwear, which meet the high standards of the modern hat wearer, whilst impressing through style as well as quality.

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Laid-back, cool and suitable for all types of weather – the traveller hat by Stetson USA is a proper all-rounder. The traveller hat does not just have a special place in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts, but also in the hearts of trendsetters. It is superb headwear, whether you are hiking, travelling or in the city. Suited for day-to-day wear and special occasions. Foldable, dirt-resistant and waterproof, a Stetson traveller hat can brave any adventure. It will stand by outdoor enthusiasts during wind, water, heat and coldness. Stetson can offer you a range of durable, high-quality designs for every one of your adventures – made from wool felt, leather, straw, cotton or fur felt. You will be accompanied by light fabrics throughout summer and hardwearing materials perfect for autumn or winter. Whether in the garden, on a city trip or at the beach – the traveller hat makes a great impression everywhere. The outdoor hat is characteristic for its wide, curved-down brim as well as the dents shaped like plates on both sides of the hat. A traveller hat from the house of Stetson has that little extra, as every one of them is decorated with understated leather designs, wide ribbons, sophisticated embossing and patterns, authentic feathers or subtle brand labels. The classic ribbon, lining the inside of the Stetson traveller hat, nestles itself around the head for pleasant wearing comfort. The traveller hat has a classic, timeless design and every well-stocked wardrobe should contain at least one classic piece. The simple design means it works for the younger as well as the older generation and can be combined with everything. Worn with a rock ’n’ roll leather jacket or an elegant suit – Stetson’s traveller hat turns every outfit into a head-turner, all year round.

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