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The trilby from Stetson USA - the trendy hat for every occasion

For more sophisticated occasions, you cannot go wrong with a stylish Stetson design made from felt or wool. They add an elegant and fashionable hint to your wardrobe.

Besides trilbies made from felt, the ones made from straw are also very much in fashion. Stetson has a great selection of straw trilbies for every head. Made from flexible, airy toquilla, raffia or natural straw, the Stetson summer hat nestles itself around your head and rests on it lightly. The trilby proves itself the ideal, fashionable companion for women and men – whether it is for wild parties, the next festival or beach days. True hat lovers will pick several designs in different colours at once, so they always have a trilby suited to every outfit.

Pick your trilby based on the occasion and the outfit – every style makes for the perfect addition. One thing’s for sure – you will always look smart with a trilby. You just need to choose one. Discover the great selection of wonderful trilbies for every occasion – here at

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Well-formed and classically modern – Stetson USA have made the hat with the characteristic brim their own. It is a classic hat that combines cheeky charm with laid-back elegance. It was a big hit in the sixties and can now celebrate its comeback. Typically, the ‘brown trilby’ used to be worn by (British) fans of horse riding and is now very prevalent in the music scene. It can also be spotted on runways, the red carpet and city streets and has become a popular, unforgettable accessory. No matter the occasion or season – Stetson’s trilby will make you appear stylish and laid-back. The ‘original’ trilby is a felt hat with a narrow brim, a thin hat ribbon and a bow on the side. The trilby is characteristic for its curved-up brim that is emphasised in the back and has two dents at the front of the crown, which make it easier to take on and off. The characteristic ribbon made from rep fabric in many different materials and colours make the trilby by Stetson stand out in the crowd. The integrated lining makes the hat especially comfortable to wear. The trilby from the house of Stetson impresses through its timeless, elegant shape as well as top-quality processing and use of high-quality materials: flexible, natural straw, wool felt, light wool, linen or pure cotton, just to name a few. A light trilby made from straw or cotton is suitable for warm days, whilst on cold days the designs made from cosy materials such as felt and wool are comfortable to wear. In total: the Stetson trilby is highly versatile, functional and understated, and has you looking great for every occasion. The slender felt hat from the sixties can be combined with a classic look as well as with a casual, elegant outfit, for instance. When emulating the current Brit trend, the trilby hat is a compulsory accessory. If you tip it down towards your face a little, it is guaranteed to loosen up your look. The trilby is the perfect companion for everyday life. With a trilby of your choice, you can hide bad hair and jazz up plain tops.

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