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VitaFelt hats – beautiful, timeless headwear

World-famous VitaFelt hats, with their striking simplicity, are not just for nature lovers. Next to their renowned traveller hats, Stetson also offers timeless hat designs such as pork pie hats, trilby hats and player hats in great VitaFelt quality. Elegantly curved VitaFelt designs are a guarantee for smart appearances and can be combined with a wool coat as well as a dashing suit. You will always look great wearing these timeless, beautiful hats for a picnic in the park or an autumn stroll, even in case of rain showers.

No matter whether you are exploring the tropics or just want to make a trip to the countryside – with a durable, incredibly light wool felt hat from Stetson’s VitaFelt collection you are putting on a true companion that will stay with you for life.

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VitaFelt hats, which are exclusively available from the company Stetson, are especially durable and hardwearing hats that win people over through exceptional wearing comfort. As these hats are made from premium sheep’s wool, they meet the needs of even the toughest outdoor enthusiasts. Through internal durability tests, Stetson has managed to make their outdoor hats’ even more durable, weatherproof and long lasting. Now you know that Stetson does not make empty promises when it comes to the durability of VitaFelt hats. Wool felt hats from Stetson’s VitaFelt line do not just come with outstanding functional qualities, but also impress through their appealing appearance. VitaFelt hats, with their natural charm, have gained a lot of popularity through their western hats and have become the embodiment of adventure and masculinity. These wonderfully shaped hats with a tall, teardrop-shaped crown and dents on the side do not just have a special place in the hearts of adventure fans. At the sight of a traveller hat from the VitaFelt collection, most men will feel an urge to make their way into the wild just to feel like a real cowboy. Elaborately crafted and delicately woven ribbons made from leather make for a nice contrast and lend these normally simplistic hats a modern finish. Besides that, studs, feathers and metal emblems bearing the brand name emphasise the striking traveller hat’s western charm, which lets you know at first sight that you are looking at a special piece from Stetson’s VitaFelt collection. Thanks to their integrated UV filter and water-resistant qualities, these foldable hats, which can also be rolled up, protect you from dangerous solar radiation and tropical rain showers. Apart from that, wool felt hats from the VitaFelt line can adjust to different temperatures to ensure a pleasant feeling on your head during different weather conditions. Winter styles with integrated ear flaps and neck drapes guards that can be folded away make you feel cosy even during temperatures below freezing.

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