If you thought Stetson was just a hat maker, think again – at, you now have a marvellous selection of beautiful bandanas with many uses. You will be surprised how a simple, square scarf like the bandana can be worn in so many ways. First of all, think of that classic cowboy look in western films – a cowboy without a red bandana is almost unthinkable. Why not do the same and wear a Stetson cowboy hat with a bandana? There is no doubt that you will stand out of the crowd combining these accessories with a denim shirt or a casual sundress!
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Women's bandanas – fashion accessories with many faces!

The classic red bandana is probably the most popular one of them all. It is especially suitable for various hairstyles and can be used to recreate the iconic ‘Rosie the Riveter’- look, the perfect solution for bad hair days or for when you do not feel like styling your hair. If you fold a Stetson bandana so it is about two inches wide, you can use it as a highly versatile hair band that adds a laid-back touch to your appearance. How about wearing a Stetson bandana with a glamorous up-do or even a quirky quiff if you want to recreate a rockabilly-inspired hairstyle? The many chic hairstyles that you can create with a bandana are endless and just for this reason it should be part of every wardrobe. The bandana can also be turned into a wristband best worn with a relaxed outfit.

Bandanas from the house of Stetson are not just great in terms of style, they are incredibly functional too: You can even use them to tie your hair back to keep it out of your face. Do not just take our word for it – browse and find a trendy bandana that works for you!

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If you wish to emulate the nautical look, it is important that you make use of accessories to personalise your outfit. A navy-blue bandana from Stetson is an excellent choice for this. Wear the bandana around your neck and try it out with a striped t-shirt – a chic look for mild weather. Add some anchor-inspired jewellery and you have a fashionable look that can be worn to various occasions! The good thing about a Stetson navy bandana is it can be worn with many colours thanks to its dark shade – which makes it a perfect accessory for those who prefer to keep accessories to a minimum. Combine this bandana with a pair of jeans or white trousers and show off your fashion expertise!

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