Whether it is hot or cold outside – a Stetson scarf never goes amiss. You can use it to keep you warm or to add a hint of sophistication to your outfit. A scarf from the house of Stetson adapts to your needs! And those needs are met by the material uses in making these scarves. You can choose between a cosy merino wool scarf or one that's made out of an exquisite silk mix. Once you own a scarf from the house of Stetson, you'll come to understand the importance this brand places on using the right materials and creating beautiful designs.
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Women's scarves from Stetson – a stylish accessory that works with a variety of looks!

The bandana, a variation of the silk scarf, is also an important fashion accessory that can be worn all year round. Stetson’s bandanas are an exquisite embodiment of luxury and style. They are made from cotton and silk, which makes them suitable for those high temperatures, thanks to the breathable cotton. The silk will have the chic accessory feeling soft on your skin, which makes it comfortable to wear. Thanks to its bold, complementing colours and wonderful motifs, you can use a bandana from the House of Stetson as a statement piece and build your outfit around it. A blue or red bandana will stand out nicely against a white blazer and combined with sunglasses you will look like a sophisticated individual with an excellent taste in accessories. A bandana from Stetson is an accessory you cannot go wrong with!

Even if it is not that cold outside – thanks to Stetson, there is always a scarf to wear, whatever the weather. Visit and find your favourite scarf!

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The scarf itself did not even start out as a fashion accessory. It can be traced back to the Chinese Empire, where scarves were worn to indicate the rank of officers and warriors. It is also said that the Egyptian Queen wore a scarf under her headdress, whilst years later the Romans tied a scarf either around the neck or the waist and used it to wipe away sweat when working outside in hot weather. This shows that even thousands of years ago people realised, that a simple piece of cloth could have many uses. Nowadays, scarves are the first accessory we choose when we prepare for the cold months of the year. A knitted scarf from Stetson makes for a reliable companion when you wish to stay warm. The knitted scarves are made from luxurious lamb’s wool, which makes them feel incredibly cosy. The fashionable element is also taken care of, as these scarves come in neutral shades like grey and white, which means they can be worn with most outfits and combined with all possible colours. Why not combine a knitted wool jumper with a Stetson scarf? Or how about wearing it with a trendy wool skirt? For a youthful look that also keeps you very warm, you should wear a Stetson scarf with plain leg warmers – an eye-catching style for daring fashion enthusiasts. What makes the knitted scarf so versatile is that it can be worn with any coat or jacket, which is especially important for the fashion-conscious wearer who wants a scarf that works with different outfits, regardless of how cold the weather is. So why not pick out a Stetson knit hat while you are at and complete the look?

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