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Wool caps – Soft caps in fantastic styles!

Stetson’s flat caps and newsboy caps made from wool come in many extravagant styles. With various combinations of chequered pattern and bold colours, there is plenty of wool caps to choose from to have one matching every possible outfit. If you are going for a more formal look, why not try a wool cap in dark shades of blue or grey with a dark blazer? A wool cap will breathe youthful charm into a smart outfit and you will stand out with your excellent taste in hats. A quirky look can be created by coupling a chequered wool cap with a patterned shirt. You will achieve a casual look that still carries a hint of sophistication. For day-to-day wear, the wool cap by Stetson can be combined with a simple knitted jumper for a smart, laid-back style. Stetson’s wool caps are incredibly versatile, so the possibilities for stylish combinations are endless!

Wool as a material should not be cast aside as a fabric that is only suitable for woolly jumpers to keep you warm in the cold. You will be surprised by the variety of wool caps Stetson has available. Whether you prefer a subtle cap or wish to make a statement with it – you will find the right wool cap at Stetson.eu!

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Wool caps from Stetson do not just look exceptional, it also feels great to wear them. Stetson.eu has a variety of wool caps in different styles, so you will be spoilt for choice! With a Stetson wool cap, you are getting timeless style combined with outstanding comfort. The lining of these caps makes them even more comfortable to wear and adds to these caps cosy fit. Stetson also mixes wool with various materials, so every need you have is covered. There are caps made from wool mixed with cashmere or silk, so Stetson has joined luxury and comfort to make a chic cap. Stetson also has knitted wool caps, if you prefer a more laid-back hat. Wool caps make for a cosy companion during lower temperatures, so you can wear a wool cap when you are strolling through the park and it is chilly to keep your head warm. Stetson even has wool caps with ear flaps, which can be pulled down if you want to shield your ears from the freezing cold. The designs made from lamb’s wool are especially suitable if you are caught in a snowstorm and would like to keep your ears warm. The flaps can be folded away, so this cap has great functionality whilst being fashionable. Stetson have made various designs so you can pick the one that is best suited to your style as well as your climate.

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